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How to Work for ChaCha


What is ChaCha you ask? Well, first, you have missed out on one of the best answer programs known to the texting community. Have you heard of KGB, the answer program? Yeah, they charge one dollar for each answer! That’s one dollar too many. In this tough economy, who can waste a dollar on knowledge? No one can, so don’t think otherwise. ChaCha is completely free. Of course, they limit you per month, but it’s free. What’s more is if you are over the age of 18, you can actually work for them. If you spend your happy hours on the Internet, why not capitalize on your wasted youth? Make some extra money for your pocket.


Of course, you are so lazy that you think a blob of meat like yourself couldn’t possibly muster the energy to press some keys down to make some easy money. The money would be so easy, the street girls would be wondering how you got so much dough. However, the sign up process will have you frustrated. Once you sign up, you get a confirmation email like any other site. But with ChaCha, they require you to watch training videos. The videos take up around an hour or two of your time, which could have been spent watching the other type of videos that necessitate large amounts of tissues.

Anyway, after you finish watching the training videos, they’ll give you a quiz on a couple fake questions. If you respond like an ignorant moron, you won’t get the job. Yet if you use a little common sense and answer it correctly while adding a little human spice, you’ll most likely get the job. See? A little effort will go a long way to receive a job with the only obligation being to sit on your ass.

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The only trouble I had with ChaCha was the horridly annoying style of answering. I thought it would simply be a reception of the question and a quick answer. However, you must cite all of your sources. To cite you need Mozilla Firefox with a toolbar. I use Google Chrome, so it naturally pissed me off a few ticks. When you knew an answer, you still had to look it up on a search engine and copy and paste the website as well as the text you base your answer off of. It ensures quality responses, but sometimes you cannot find the answer for five or ten minutes, which makes you despise the entire process that much more.

Utilizing ChaCha as an income source is not a bad idea if you spend gobs of time on the Internet. You can simply browse as questions pop up for you to answer with a swift response. It was, however, inconvenient and quite irksome to be forced to use Firefox for its toolbar capabilities along with the citing of sources through that system. If you need some quick cash, ChaCha can get you money fast at a rate of ten cents an answer. Not bad money if you all you do anyway is sit lackadaisically on your couch or bed and mindlessly drain your brain from the YouTube videos you’ve been viewing.