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How to Wash and Care for Women’s Silk Undergarments

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Silk underwear is a luxury that everyone woman deserves to have in their wardrobe. While silk underwear is soft and very comfortable to wear, it also can give you a confidence boost by making you feel sexy just knowing that you have it on under your clothes. Many women shy away from buying silk undergarments because they worry they will be too difficult to care for and keep looking pretty.

However, washing caring for silk underwear is actually a lot easier than most people think. Silk does require a little bit of extra care when compared to synthetic fabrics or cotton, but it does not require dry cleaning as is commonly believed. If you clean your silk undergarments gently and use care when washing them they will remain as pretty as the day you bought them for a long time. Here are some tips on how to clean and care for silk undergarments.

When it comes to washing silk underwear there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to use a soap that is gentle on the silk and won’t ruin the fibers. The best thing to use for a detergent when washing silk is either ivory soap or basic shampoo. You can buy ivory soap flakes pre-flaked, or you can shave some off a bar of soap to use.

The best choice for washing silk undergarments is to hand wash them since it is much gentler than a washing machine. However, most silk undergarments fair just fine in the washing machine so if you are comfortable going that route feel free to. If you choose to use a washing machine for you silk underwear, always wash it on the delicate cycle and use only cold water. You will also want to purchase a lingerie bag for your washer since it will help to keep the silk fibers from twisting and losing their shape.

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Whether you are hand washing your silk or washing it in the machine you should never use hot water since it can quickly destroy the silk. At most use lukewarm water, and preferably cold water to wash your silk. For hand washing soak the undergarments in water for awhile and then gently swirl them around the sink or bathtub. Avoid scrubbing at them since it can damage the fibers.

Do not wring out silk once it has been washed. Instead, hang it gently on a towel bar or shower curtain and allow it to dry naturally. Don’t hang your silk undergarments outside on the clothesline to dry since they can be damaged by the sun.

To remove any wrinkles left after washing use a cool iron to gently press them out.

If you have any doubt about your ability to care for and wash your silk undergarments yourself it is always best to take them to the cleaner and have them done for you. However, if you use care and caution when washing your silk undergarments they will stay beautiful and last for a long time to come.