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How to Report a Bad Neighbor: Check Out RottenNeighbor,com

Bad Neighbors, Loud Music

Are you thinking about making a move soon? Would you like to know about your future neighbors before you move in? Would you like to see what others think about their neighbors? Well this is just the site for you to check out then. This site is called www.rottenneighbor.com. It is like a search engine for bad neighbors. When you have a particular area in mind, whether it be to buy a house, condo or even just to rent an apartment, click on this site, enter the zip code and you can see if there have been any “rotten neighbors” reported in the neighborhood. This might help you determine whether to move into the area or run for the hills!

When my husband and I were first married we lived in an apartment. It was a beautiful area with a golf course behind the building. We were so happy with the apartment. Little did we know that we would be moving out because of bad neighbors. There were three floors to this apartment building and we lived on the second floor. The neighbors upstairs would play loud music, fight and run back and forth chasing each other, giving us pounding noises above our heads. We resorted to using a broom to knock on the ceiling to quiet them. Of course this only made things worse. The neighbor downstairs would have men coming and going all night and into the early morning. Loud music, parties and who knows what was going on down there. We had a fireplace connected through the three floors of the apartment. She used to scream and swear up at us through the fireplace. We ended up having to break our lease and move out. It would have been helpful to have this type of information back then. If you need to move from one apartment into another this is a great site. You don’t want to live next door to someone who is going to be playing loud music all night when you have children trying to sleep. You don’t want to be moving into an area with a drug problem. If you are using someone to help you find a house or condo, don’t expect help from them. A real estate agent will never tell you if there are bad neighbors. This site believes that you should be able to know this information before you make the purchase or committment and move in. They actually encourage you to report “rotten neighbors “, the more bad seeds the better the site becomes.

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When you go to the site you will find detailed maps of states, counties, cities and neighborhoods all searchable by ZIP code. You can read the complaints from people with bad neighbors. These are three examples of complaints in three different zip codes:

“My neighbor at ——- keeps a big mess in the carport and around her house, does not pick up the messes made by her two dogs”.

“These people live like Roaches. Very Dirty and Disgusting. They don’t respect any of their neighbors and are the worst neighbors you could ever have.”

They would also on a daily basis smoke marijuana downstairs and the vapors would travel into our newborn baby’s room. ”

The complaints get worse. You will have to go and read them for yourself. Some of them will make you laugh and others might just shock you. Be aware that some of the language is not appropriate for children to read.

This site is a free service for you. The buyer, renter or seller can contribute information on bad neighbors. This site makes money by selling advertising to the real estate industry which spends nearly $12 billion per year on their marketing.