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How to Make a Potpourri Burner

Fall Decoration, Potpourri

Potpourri is a nice way to add scent to your home. Normally, burners use candles to heat the potpourri, making an unsafe burner should you forget to blow out the candle before bed or leaving your home. Create your own safe potpourri burner that will also provide a night light with these simple instructions:

To make a potpourri burner you will need:

One small round glass vase
One doily
Approximately one foot of nice ribbon in the color of your choice
Scented oil to match the scent of the potpourri
Small strand of Christmas lights (about 10)

Making the potpourri burner is simple. String the light strand around the inside of the vase. Don’t worry too much about how they lie at this point, as you will adjust them as you add the potpourri.

Pour in the potpourri. Adjust the lights so they don’t show through the glass. Place potpourri around the lights to help hide them.

Pour a couple of drops of scented oil in the potpourri to add more scent. Most potpourri is scent-matched with fragrance oils and you can find them along with the potpourri in stores. You can also add essential oils that match the fragrance of the potpourri if desired.

String the ribbon through the edges of the doily. This adds color and a bit of closure to the burner. Place the doily on top of the vase and tie a bow in the ribbon to help secure the doily.

Plug your burner in and enjoy the fragrance as the lights heat up the potpourri and the oil. The lights of your burner don’t have to be white or clear. They can be any color you desire. The burner gives off a light scent of your favorite potpourri and matching oil scent in a safer, more beautiful way to keep your home smelling good. The burners are safe around children because they hold no candles, however, the oil and potpourri should remain out of the reach of children and pets.

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Beautiful fall colored potpourri with yellow or orange lights create a desirable fall decoration for a table or dresser. White, green or red lights juxtaposed a differing color of potpourri is perfect for a Christmas craft idea. The potpourri burners are cheap to make and are the ideal gift giving idea for Secret Santa exchanges or as a side gift to friends and co-workers.

The vases and potpourri are normally sold in Dollar Stores to save money on the craft. Doilies can be found in fabric or craft stores and sometimes in the Dollar Stores as well. The lights are normally found for approximately $3 each and the fragrance oil can be purchased wherever you find the potpourri.

Summer is a great time for an ocean scent or rose scented potpourri and oil. Pumpkin spice or apples and cinnamon makes a fall burner that puts your guests in the perfect ambiance at a dinner or gathering. The vase can be emptied to change the scent during different holidays and seasons. Change ribbon color within seconds to create a whole new potpourri burner.