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How to Keep a Positive Mental Attitude

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The concept of how to keep a positive mental attitude in a negative world is probably a million dollar topic. Staying positive in a world of bombarding negative media images, and news is a difficult task, and definitely an ongoing one. People watch the news on television, read it on the Internet, and listen to it on the radio not realizing they are taking in mass doses of negativity. The more outrageous or sensational the story, the more people are drawn to it. So how does one escape the negativity, and still stay informed? The fact is we gave a choice about how we view life, and how we live our lives. Our choices for exposure to certain stimuli either contribute or deter our quest in the process of exactly how to keep a positive mental attitude.

Staying positive has influence on the quality of ones life as it directly affects our stress level, which in turn affects the nervous system. Maintaining a positive mental attitude requires that we consciously, and with subjective effort chose to filter the information, situations, and relationships in life. If you know you are trying to accomplish a particular goal, and get a call from an associate that you know is negative, chances are this persons’ negativity is going to pull you down. These are the last people you want to be around on a regular basis, and you definitely do not want to start your day with frequent contact with negative people.

So how do you keep a positive mental attitude? There are a couple of things you can do to maintain your level of positivity in a negative situation, especially if you can’t escape it. It could be after all that you in fact live with a negative person. So to ensure that you don’t get caught up in the negative vibe, follow these tips.

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1. Do not join in with the negativity.

2. Strictly out of compassion, if the person is having a pity party, make it clear to them you only have a limited amount of time to listen. For your sake make it brief and move on with your life!

3. If you must respond to the person, if you have the time, make positive suggestions and then let it go. Don’t lower your level of positivity to meet them at their negative level. Being in agreement is not always the best thing to do even as a friend. Offer them a more positive way to look at the situation. If they won’t accept it, move on. Face it, you are vibrating at different rates.

4. If the person you encounter is negative about the same thing all of the time, give him or her an ultimatum. Tell them resolve the problem, or eliminate it. To continue to listen to the same negative problem over and over again affects you in a negative way.

5. Do not read the morning paper or listen to the morning news prior to starting your business day. This is the best way to zap your positive mental attitude. You already know there is death and destruction in the world. There is no reason to affirm it.

6. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ensure you have an exercise regimen. Feeling good affects ones attitude.

7. Get proper rest.

8. Eat high-energy foods. Avoid vending machines, and foods high in sugar particularly during your workday.

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9. Feed your mind positive material. Make it a habit to read books that encourage positive lifestyles and attitudes.

10. Enjoy a good comedy. More importantly laugh. Laughter is good for the immune system.

11. Don’t take everything personal and don’t read more into situations than is there. Every now and again in life we all hit speed bumps. Move on.

12. Just because someone else is having a bad day doesn’t mean you have to. Do not buy into someone else’s pathology. Sometimes it is better to be the bigger person and walk away from a negative situation. Chances are they have something else going on that doesn’t involve you in the first place.

Being negative is a choice, and for some people a habit, and possibly an addiction. So how does one maintain a positive mental attitude? You can maintain a positive mental attitude by avoiding negative people, places, and situations. If you must remove yourself from a situation do so. Be true to yourself and see things for what they really are. Focus on positive and beautiful things, since our thoughts become our reality. Don’t buy into someone else’s reality.