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How to Get a Job with the Federal Government

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In today’s economy, job security is one of the most essential benefits you can ask for. The federal government can offer that. Most federal jobs are essential,as well as funded, which means they are not as insecure as private-sector jobs when the job market is down. Additionally, the federal government runs a program that puts displaced workers at an advantage to gain new employment within a different department. This program provides workers with extra security should their position come into jeopardy.

When considering federal employment, you want to look for entry level positions that coincide with your qualifications. Most federal jobs use the General Schedule (GS) for pay. Each position is assigned a GS level, and that level determines the pay for the position, as well as the minimum qualifications. Although every position is different, generally speaking, a GS-4 position is for an individual with an Associates Degree or equivalent experience. A GS-5 position is for an individual with a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience. A GS-9 position is for an individual with a Master’s Degree, and a GS-11 position is for an individual with a PhD. Although there are entry level positions at each GS level, it is important to keep in mind that those who are able to enter the federal government at a level higher than a GS-7 are individuals with a clear specialization. The following list provides examples of entry level positions at four different GS levels.

GS-4 entry level positions

Forestry Technician – Forest Service

Police Officer – National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

Park guide – National Park Service

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Information Technology Specialist – Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation command

Administrative Assistant – Homeland Security

Resource Clerk – Forest Service

Management Assistant – Federal Aviation Administration

Area Assistant – Rural Housing Service

Medical Records Technician – Army medical Command

Statistical Clerk – Bureau of the Census

GS-5 Entry Level Positions

Rangeland Management Specialist – Forest Service

Foreign Service Diplomatic Courier – Department of State

Park Ranger – National Park Service

Testing Clerk – U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command

Customs and Border Protection Officer – Homeland Security

Recreation therapist – Veterans Affairs

Pharmacy Technician – Veterans Affairs

Accounting Technician – Homeland Security

Food Inspector – Food Safety and Inspection Service

GS-9 Entry Level Positions

Nurse Practitioner – Veterans Affairs

Social Worker – Veterans Affairs

Suicide Prevention Specialist – Veterans Affairs

Archeologist – Forest Service

Realty Specialist – Forest Service

Environmental Engineer – Environmental Protection Agency

Fire Management Specialist – Forest Service

Foreign Service information Management Specialist – Department of State

Auditor – Agency for International Development

Occupational Therapist – Veterans Affairs

GS-11 Entry Level Positions

Program Analyst – Homeland Security

Supervisory Wildlife Biologist – Forest Service

Infection Control Coordinator – Federal Prison system

Foreign Affairs Officer – Department of State

Marriage and Family Therapist – Veterans Affairs

Correctional Program specialist – Federal prison System

Entomologist – Agriculture, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service



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