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Hints on How to Get a Neighbor to Turn Down Loud Music

Loud Music, Noise Pollution

If you have neighbors that love to blare their music at any time of the day or night and you can’t get the point across that they are driving you crazy you can always call the cops but in most cases that is a temporary fix. The next day chances are they’ll be out blaring music to their own taste and time. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve asked them politely several times before to turn it down. Here are some things you can do to get them to turn it down without asking them again.
The facial glare:

If they are outside blaring music from a car or truck walk outside and glare at them angrily. Make sure they see you. They may not do anything but blow you off. Keep glaring at them every time they are outside making noise. They might come over and ask what the problem is. Now that you’ve got their attention you can tell them how much their music is disturbing you and that you prefer they keep the volume turned down.

Park in front of their house:

Legally if your car is parked in the street they can’t do anything unless you park in front of their driveway. Park in front of their house every time they crank up their music. They probably won’t want you in front their house any more than you want to hear their music. You aren’t exactly stalking if you live across the street or next door. Just park and walk over to your home. If they do anything to your car and you catch it they can get in trouble. Call the police on them.

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Blare music they don’t like:

Listen to what they are playing. Is it rap, hip-hop, heavy metal, rock, classical, country, new age etc.? If they play similar music all the time it’s likely to be their favorite. For example, if they play hip-hop and rap music all the time play opera. They should get the hint to turn down their music. Chances are that if nobody’s called the cops on them they won’t call the cops on you. Be careful anyway.

Go outside and start singing. Sing loud and off key. Use a bullhorn if you have to:

They’ve got the hint. Again be careful that no one calls the police on your singing.

If nothing else works then you have every right to call the cops on them day or night. Noise pollution used to be law. People blaring music in their cars had a chance of being ticketed if the police heard it. What is considered noise pollution? Anything loud that has the potential to do damage. Loud music can burst eardrums or make you hard of hearing. That’s noise pollution. The loud music your neighbors are blaring has the possibility of hurting your hearing if it’s loud enough to rattle your windows and walls.

Call the police on them and ask the police to give them a ticket for noise pollution. In the long run the money from the tickets will help the city or town and get the music blaring neighbor to think before they turn their music up. If they continue their loud music jamming after receiving a ticket call the police on them again.

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