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Hair Product Review of Dax Marcel Curling Wax

Curling, Flyaways

Dax Marcel Curling Wax does not have a special scent. In fact, this is not the best hair product to buy if fun smelling items are what you are searching for. This hair product smells just like its title, which is wax. That is the only scent that you will get. Now, I have experienced some hair products that have awful scents like tar. So Dax Marcel Curling Wax does not smell that bad compared to other brands and hair products. It has a slightly sweet fragrance that is tolerable. However, it can be aggravating over time if you use too much on your hair.

Dax Marcel Curling Wax is thick and has a red color. I have used this product many times over the years and have been mostly satisfied with the results. It is not wise to use a lot on your hair. Doing so will weigh your hair down and also cause it to be very greasy. You can take a small amount of Dax Marcel Curling Wax, place it on your hair near your scalp and smooth it downward toward the ends. If you do so for each section of hair, this may help to hold the curls in place.

While it can be used alone, Dax Marcel Curling Wax should also be used in conjunction with a light moisturizer for your scalp. The moisturizer should be placed on your scalp beforehand. Dax Marcel Curling Wax helped my curls stay in place and also added some shine to my hair. This hair product seems to be suitable for all races. One extra bonus that comes with Dax Marcel Curling Wax is the ability to use it for styles that aren’t curled. I have experienced problems with flyaways many times. This can be very aggravating, especially on windy days. Dax Marcel Curling Wax can help to control your hair if you are wearing a casual hairstyle and have flyaways. It also helps to keep hair smooth, even after the curls have fallen.

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It is important that you do not confuse Dax Marcel Curling Wax with pressing oil. Curling wax is made for what it states, which is “curling” your hair. Pressing oil is made for straightening styles and is used mostly in conjunction with various types of hot combs. It is possible to press or straighten your hair using Dax Marcel Curling Wax. I have done so and had adequate results. However, that is not the main purpose of this particular hair product. Pressing oil is available from the same company that makes Dax Marcel Curling Wax.

The cost of Dax Marcel Curling Wax varies significantly from store to store. You can get it for as low as $3 or as high as $7. I have usually paid no more than $5 for Dax Marcel Curling Wax. While some hair stores may sell them at higher prices, this hair product is inexpensive at drugstores. Dax Marcel Curling Wax is an affordable product. It also lasts for a long time. I have had one container of this product for more than 7 months at a time.

Dax Marcel Curling Wax can be used by women of all nationalities. How effective it is for curling will depend on your hair type no matter what background you are from. Dax Marcel Curling Wax can be used for more than curling. You can straighten your hair with this product using a curling or flat iron. You can also tame flyaways so that your hair can remain smooth. Dax Marcel Curling Wax is a great hair product to use for maintaining curls.