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Great Movies to Watch in Honor of Chinese New Year

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With the Chinese New Year fast approaching, you may be wondering what films to watch in celebration of the holiday. Well, I just so happen to have a few suggestions in that regard. Some involve romance, family bonds and action. Others are more educational than anything else. With that said, here they are:

“The Sorcerer and the White Snake”

Director Ching Siu-tung’s “The Sorcerer and the White Snake” is one action packed film to consider watching. Its storyline focuses on the love relationship between a White Snake and an herbalist. She ends up at war with a magician. The film has English subtitles. Artists that appear in the film include Raymond Lam, Jet Li and Charlene Choi.

“Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity” (2005)

Speaking of love, director Mina Shum’s film “Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity” is worthy of consideration too. Its storyline focuses on a tween who is determined to bring her mother a new romantic partner. Artists involved with the film are Sandra Oh and Valerie Tan.

“Dim Sum”

Director Wayne Wang’s film “Dim Sum” is another film that you may want to put onto your watch list. Its storyline focuses on a woman that starts the New Year single, much to her family’s chagrin. I should also mention that it is a foreign film. Thus, much of the dialog is in Cantonese. Therefore, it may prove difficult for English only viewers to follow.

“Chinese New Year”

If you are more into documentaries than action and romance, you may to give National Geographic’s “Chinese New Year” a try. It offers a short and factual look at the history behind the holiday. The film is accessible through the Nat Geo Education Video website. There are several other shorts about China posted on the site as well. In my opinion, they could be combined with the DVD “Spring Festival – Chinese New Year” to create a mini film fest.

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“Celebrate with Kai-Lan” (2008)

Director Allan Jacobsen’s “Celebrate with Kai-Lan” is one for the kids. It is a cartoon that features the popular children’s character Kai-Lan. In this DVD, she celebrates the New Year with her family and friends. I like it because it introduces the kids to Chinese language and culture. You may want to consider pairing it with Ni Hao Productions, LLC’s program “Cooking with Kids: Celebrating Chinese New Year” and some of the holiday recipes posted on the Nick Jr. website.

“The Year of the Yao” (2006)

Last on my list is director Adam Del Deo’s film “The Year of the Yao.” Its storyline focuses on the life and career of NBA great Yao Ming. Although it is not holiday based, I still found it worthy of a spot on the list for one main reason. It is an inspirational story and who doesn’t want to start a New Year inspired?

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