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Goth-Style Prom Dresses, Hairstyles and Accessories

Corsets, Fake Lashes, Goth Clothing, Manic Panic, Prom Hairstyles

Are you the only one in your school who has never seen high school musical because you were to busy listening to The Cure. You have a unique and individual style that you have to express. You know who you are, you make no excuses, and your unique sense of style gives you that air of mystery those preppy boys will just never figure out. If this describes you then for prom you need to rock your goth girl style!

The term Gothic refers to the artistic style of the 19th century which was anti-classical and filled with a sense of the dark and the supernatural. You can go Gothic this prom and look amazing. Traditionally the Gothic subculture adapts a style of dress that can range from a post-punk look, an androgynous look, to something more romantic and whimsical such as the Gothic style of dressing in fashion inspired by the renaissance and the Victorian eras.

Here are some essential elements you will need to create your Gothic prom look:

Corseted Dress: You might choose to purchase a dress with a corset or add one yourself, but corsets are a must for a sexy Gothic goddess. They are flattering to just about every body type and add a dramatic look to your prom night attire. You will find some great gowns with built in corsets at stores such as Debs which offers teen fashions and Gothic inspired dresses that also come in plus sizes. You can also find many websites with unique and sexy Gothic style dresses that no one else will have. Ordering your Gothic prom dress will ensure that no one else at your school will show up in the same attire. Check out www.fairygothmother.com and www.katrinamariedesigns.com.

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Black: Your not going to rock the Gothic style at prom in a pastel pink number, well maybe you will if you add a black corset. there needs to be some element of black in your ensemble. You need to have that sense of darkness about you.

Hair Accessories: You might want to wear your hair in a Dita Von Tesse retro glam manner or you might want a more Victorian hairstyle. It is up to you. One truly goth look is the short blunt bang. It is the right amount of retro and mystery. It is fun without going overboard. Your hair is most likely dark. You can mix it up a bit by adding a vintage hair clip or a punch of color. Check out Hair From Hell for some unique prom hairstyles and accessories.

Shoes: While everyone will be prancing around prom in silver strappy heels you will probably want to do something a little different. Combat boots are acceptable under a frilly as heck corseted dress from FairyGothMother, but you can also do a black stiletto heel with a pointy toe or a sandal with a black ribbon that wraps around your calf several times.

Flowers: Nothing says goth like deep red roses. You will want to make sure that your date knows what type of flowers you like, and what type that you would rather throw in the trash. Deep red calla Lillie’s are acceptable, pink carnations are not.

Makeup: Again you have the choice of going pin-up girl glam with your make-up and looking as amazing as Bettie Page, or you can go classic Goth with the pale face, red lipstick and black eyeliner look. If this is the look you prefer make sure to heavily line your eyes. The cat eye works great with this look, and it’s prom so fake lashes (especially the manic panic purple lashes) are an excellent evening look.

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