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Free Drunk Driving Essay / Research Paper Tips

Drinking and Driving, Drunk Driving, Writing a Research Paper

Drunk driving destroys lives, hurts relationships and devastates families. And, it is 100% preventable. If you are writing a research paper or essay on the dangers of intoxicated driving, this tips might help you. This advice can be used for a paper for your Driver’s Education, English, or Health class.

Contact your local MADD chapter.

One excellent resource is Mothers Against Drunk Driving. If there is one in your community, they can provide both local and national statistics. Their director might be happy to provide you with a professional quote for your assignment. Click here to visit the main website and find the nearest chapter.

Write letters to prisoners.

This idea is a little drastic, but it will provide first hand knowledge of the consequences of drunk driving. Consider writing a letter to a prisoner who is serving time for a DUI and/or intoxicated manslaughter. Be sure to include a self addressed stamped envelope, as well as some paper. Explain to him/her that you are writing a research paper on the consequences of drunk driving. Ask him/her for advice on your paper, and the answers to questions such as “What do you think could have been done to prevent your crime?”

You will probably need to to write several prisoners to get just one response. If you need one to contact, try writing Jeena Roberts in Texas. Ms. Roberts is currently serving a 15 year sentence for causing an accident that killed a school nurse. She was an engineering student and drank on the way back from a school field trip. You can read more about her case here. Also, you can watch the dash cam video where she found out that she someone had died here . To find her (or other Texas inmate addresses) visit the TDCJ website here.

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Also, the family of some prisoners might be willing to discuss the consequences with you. Ask on the “Prison Talk” forum here for possible contacts.

Visit your local library.

This one is obvious, but the article wouldn’t be complete without it. Your library should have several books about drunk driving and the deadly consequences around it. One book to search for is Drunk Driving: an American Dilemma by James E. Jacobs.

Mention the non-obvious consequences of drinking and driving.

Everyone knows that drinking and driving can lead to deaths and injuries. However, if you are writing an essay or paper, be sure to list all consequences. For some advice, read ” Non Obvious Reasons Why You Should Not Drive and Drive .”

Check out the RADD website.

Another resource is RADD. RADD is a group of artists and entertainers who are against drunk driving. You can find statistics and more. Click here to visit the RADD website.

These are just five tips for writing a paper on drunk driving prevention. Always be sure to cite your sources. Good Luck!