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Franzia: Good, Affordable Dinner Wine for a Crowd

If you’re looking for a review for a high-end, specialty boutique wine, you should move on now before I offend you. If you want a good quality, highly affordable, good tasting red wine, this is the place for you.

Let’s get this out of the way now. I’m talking about wine in a box. Yes, a box. Not a bottle. It has a plastic tap, not a cork. It’s ‘cheap’, but tastes as good as many higher quality ‘good’ wines I’ve had. Vintage circa…who cares. It tastes good.

I’m a firm believer of drinking wine that tastes good to you. Whether it costs thirty dollars a bottle or three; wine is supposed to be enjoyed, and you won’t enjoy a bottle if you are only drinking it because it is supposed to taste good, or if you missed a car payment to serve your friends. Does that mean I disdain high-priced wines? Certainly not; but for the average consumer, expensive wines are a treat enjoyed less frequently, and an affordable, good quality wine choice is a good thing to have.

Franzia’s House Wine Favorites Chillable Red is a good tasting, versatile red wine. Aromas of berry and fruit prevail in a smooth, easy drinking medium-bodied red wine. This House Wine is lightly acidic and slightly dry, but pleasantly so with a good balance overall. The flavor is reminiscent of cranberry.

The fact that Franzia’s House Wine is a chillable red wine makes it more user-friendly and enjoyed by wine drinkers who would rather not drink a glass of wine at room temperature. A slight chill brings out the fruit and cranberry flavors in this wine with all the best qualities of a sip-able red that is as refreshing as a cool white.

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Franzia’s House Wine Chillable Red straddles the line between red and white wines. It offers more complex flavors than many white wines, but is not as heavy or complicated as reds often are. Zinfandel drinkers that are looking for a little more taste in a wine will enjoy Franzia’s House Wine.

This chillable red wine with shared characteristics pairs well with a variety of foods. Franzia’s House Wine Chillable Red would be a good choice for a dinner party, buffet, or casual gathering at home where a variety of foods will be served. This wine moves easily from appetizer to main course and beyond to dessert or just sipping on its own.

Few wines can touch the price-quality value of a good box of Franzia. Okay, I’m being a little flip here, but honestly, Franzia saves a lot of money in packaging, allowing them to pass on a good quality wine at a an affordable price. At ten to fifteen dollars for five liters, Franzia’s House Wine Chillable Red allows you to purchase enough for an entire evening with friends without breaking the bank or running short. I agree that a sturdy box of wine slapped on the table is somewhat aesthetically wanting, but a nice decanter easily solves this serving dilemma.

Franzia was the first to develop the box-tap combination, which they have perfected over the years to provide a wine that lasts long after it is ‘opened’ without having the taste go south in a day. The fact that this wine can be served and kept for days (or weeks) after opening makes Franzia’s House Wine Chillable Red is a good wine choice for parties serving many, or to keep on hand for a casual evening glass.

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