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Fishermen’s Clothing Essentials

Almost every good fisherman knows that in order to fish properly, you must be dressed for the conditions you are in. For example, fly fishermen need rubber pants so that the water doesn’t wet their clothes and weigh them down, and deep-sea fishermen know to dress for warm weather because they are in the sun all day. What kind of fishing clothes are the best to buy for the conditions you like to fish in? Read on to find out.

Storm Technical Shorts – These shorts are perfect for any warm-weather fisherman! They’re made out of quick dry nylon and are 100% stain and tear resistant. They have a fighting belt with two D-rings for those who like to chase the extra-big fish. Equipped with lots of pockets, these shorts are perfect for carrying your goodies. Also included is a tool lanyard loop so you don’t have to keep running back and forth to your toolbox. You can purchase a fighting plate for an additional cost… but it is well worth it Retail value is $79.95.

Stingray Bibs – These overall type pants are perfect if you don’t want to get wet while fishing. They are rip, oil, and water resistant. They feature a large front pocket to store all your tools, and an internal pocket for a safety knife. The straps are easy to adjust, and the buckles release quickly. Retail value is $49.99.

White Marlin Sunglasses – Sunglasses are very important when finishing, no matter if it is sunny or overcast. Since you are spending your days on the water, the sunlight’s UV rays reflect off the water and into your eyes. Without proper eyewear, this can damage your eyes. White Marlin’s fishing glasses feature “Beneath The Surface” technology which allows you to see a short distance below the surface. They are triple polarized and protect your eyes from 100% of the UV rays. They are water, oil, and scratch resistant. They are also fog resistant. Retail value is $149.99.

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North Rip Jacket (Full Zip) – These jackets are great for those who are deep sea fishing in harsh conditions. They are wind and water resistant and have fleece interior. The hood is adjustable, and the zipper is water proof to prevent rusting. This jacket is light weight and even features a safety knife pocket. Retail value is $94.95.

Thresher Hat – Hats are very important for almost all fishermen! Rather they are used for blocking the sun from your face, or for keeping your head warm in cool weather… they are an essential for any fisherman. They are also cheap! Special features of the Thresher hat include a dark green underbill for glare absorption. Retail value is $21.95.

Captain’s Bag – Although this isn’t a clothing item, this is an ESSENTIAL accessory for any fishermen! Fishing bags are a must because they can hold all your tools, any extra clothing, or whatever else you may need while on the water. This bag features a first aid pocket, waterproof exterior, interior, and zippers, ten large internal pockets, and rod holders. Retail value is $119.95