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Fisher Price Fun Foldin’ Kitchen Review

Fake Food, Play Food

I purchased the Fisher Price Fun Foldin’ kitchen for my toddler for Christmas. I chose the fun foldin’ kitchen because of price; it was the only play kitchen that was the least expensive. Let’s just say that you get what you pay for.

Before purchasing this kitchen I marveled at what I believed to be the standout feature, the fact that it can easily be folded up and tucked in a corner after play. The assembly of the kitchen was very easy, and extremely quick, it only took 4 steps to complete. The assembly of the kitchen, is a one time assembly meaning that after play it does not have to be taken apart, it can easily be folded and stored away, and then used again without having to assemble.

The foldin’ kitchen includes a fridge, and oven with shelves, a sink, a stovetop, a phone holder, cup holder, utensil holder, a built in cookbook, and a shelf. The kitchen comes with some label stickers, to stick in and around the kitchen, some utensils, a pot with lid and a pan,, 2 plates, 2 glasses 3 pieces of fake food, a plastic phone, and a salt shaker. A butterfly clip positioned on the refrigerator door, makes it so that a child can place a note on the fridge, and the built in picture frame allows a child to put her favorite photo on the fridge.

The worst features of the kitchen

The kitchen is very, very, small, it is an ideal kitchen for about 1 child to play with, 2 small children at the most, and that is a stretch. The kitchen is very low to the ground, which will cause the children to have to bend down to open the doors. The refrigerator is very tiny and its shelves are connected with the oven, leaving no separation for storing food, and cooking. There are very limited sound effects, there are only 2 knobs on the stovetop that provide the sound effect of water boiling, food frying, and a timer going off, the sound clips are very short, and monotonous. There is no lighted stove, or microwave included, and because of its extremely small size and height, and its lack of sound effect children may become quickly irritated or bored.

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The best features of the kitchen

The circular, removable sink is a great feature; it allows a parent to fill it with some warm, soapy water.

It’s folding ability, I have yet to come across another kitchen that can be folded so neatly, and tightly.

The picture holder, and built in picture frame, gives the kitchen a personable touch.

All the accessories (utensils) these accessories are all very sturdy and reliable made of a good material.

The Fisher Price Fun Foldin’ kitchen sits in a corner, in my daughter’s room, collecting dust, waiting to be played with. My toddler rarely plays with the kitchen, but when she does she plays with it for awhile. The lack of sounds and lights will probably stunt a child’s imagination. This kitchen will be best for one child, and it may not hold up to multiple or at least persistent play. Parents may need to buy some extra play food, to go with the kitchen.. This kitchen disappointed me because of its size, and lack of sounds, and devices, for instance I had to buy a pretend microwave to go with the kitchen. If you are looking for a kitchen that does not cost that much but might do the job for now, this is the kitchen, but if you truly want your child to get the kitchen experience opt for buying something bigger with more features;other than that it is a pretty solid kitchen. I give this kitchen a 2.5 rating.