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Favorite Annuals in My Flower Garden

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I love pretty blooming flowers in the summertime and a garden full of annuals are some of my favorites.I can’t wait to get out there and start working in my flower beds when the first sign of spring approaches. Here are my 10 favorite annual flowers for my flower beds and garden. They are all fairly easy to grow and take care of with just some watering and a little weeding when need be.

1. Geraniums: I love the versatility of the geranium. They can be grown in containers or right in flowerbeds. I like their pretty bright colors as well as their hardiness. They can be grown in the full sun, or partial shade is also okay.

2. Petunias: These come in so many pretty colors and their ability to spread out in your flower garden as the season progresses is one reason why they are one of my favorite annuals. My mother always loved these so each summer when I plant them I think of her and all the pretty flowers she used to grow each summer.

3. Pansy: This delicate looking flower in purple and yellow will grace any flowerbed with its beauty. I love its velvety look and another plus is their easy care.

4. Impatiens: As the summer progresses, this annual gets more beautiful. They are available in so many pretty colors, which only adds to their beauty. They are also very easy to grow in full son or partial shade. This was one of my mother-in-laws favorite summer flower.

5. Four O’clocks: I like this pretty annual flower because of the time of day they show off their beauty and their sweet perfume smell. Enjoy their beauty in your garden as you relax after a long day, with a nice glass of iced tea or your favorite beverage and watch these flowers open up and show off their colors.

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6. Marigolds: A lovely carpet of color is what the marigold brings to any summer garden. Just keep these well watered and you’ll have blooms all through the summer.

7. Begonias: I like these flowers in hanging baskets in my big front porch area. They also do well in flowerbeds, with proper watering for summer long blooms.

8. Salvia: This colorful flower asks for lots of sunshine and a little water to keep it flowering beautiful all summer amongst your other pretty annuals.

9. Zinnia: This practically maintenance free flowers is one of the toughest annuals in your flower garden. This flower brings back memories of both my grandma and my mother. They always had zinnias in their flower gardens.

10. Gardenia: You can’t help but love the fragrance of these annuals in your flower garden. There is nothing more gorgeous, in my book, then a big beautiful white gardenia.

I like annuals in my flowerbeds because of the great variety of flowers you can have using them. Even though they only last one season, their colorful beauty just graces almost any flower garden. Mixing them in with your perennials will only add more beauty to a lovely garden. You can create borders with your annuals, or just plant them all together in one big garden to create a mass of color throughout the entire growing season. Your options are endless with some pretty annual flowers gracing your outdoor living space.

Sources: personal experience