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Essential Clothing Pieces for a Woman’s Wardrobe

Like most women, I own a variety of clothes, yet it seems I always have trouble deciding what to wear. I recently had a talk with a well-known clothing designer, who wanted to know what was missing from my wardrobe. The question stumped me. How could anything be missing from my extensive clothing collection. I had something for every occasion, or so I thought. But as the conversation progressed, I realized that I did not have everything I thought I had. Here are the top ten most needed items in a woman’s closet. With these ten items, and a wide variety of accessories, you can have an outfit that is appropriate for almost every occasion.

The little black dress- This suggestion is the most well-known article of clothing, and is truly an essential for every closet. It has a lot of different variations, and each woman must find the one that is right for her. Some may have sleeves, some may feature a plunging neckline, and some may be plain, simple black dresses. Regardless of the style, these are appropriate for so many occasions that it is foolish to not have a good one in your closet.

The A line skirt- An A line skirt is one that is fitted at the waist and gets wider the longer it gets. Whether the skirt is pattered or a solid color, whether it is knee length or ankle length, and whether it is plain or covered with ruffles, the A line skirt is flattering on many different body types.

A pair of tailored pants- There is something to be said for comfort, but there are times when a good pair of tailored pants is needed. The legs can be wide, tapered, or many other cuts, but what is essential is that the waist fits well. Black is the preferred color, however khaki or olive pants are also nice. These are handy for those days when you need to look nice, but you can’t stand the thought of wearing a skirt or a dress.

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A cashmere sweater- There is a reason why cashmere is so loved. It is smooth and sensual, and feels like heaven. The color of the sweater is irrelevant. Some women may prefer white, while others want green argyle. The color is not as important as the fabric in this case. Cashmere is a good quality fabric that will look wonderful on almost everyone if it is well cared for.

A blouse- These shirts are great to wear with a lot of different things, and provide a different look based on the bottoms you wear with it. Look for one that is made from a good fabric and can go with anything.

A nice pair of jeans- These are one of the most purchased items, but many people don’t spend the time or money to find a truly exceptional pair. Spend a day or a week, if needed, trying on jeans until you find the cut and color that look best on you. Look for a nice heavy denim that will be sure to last for a while.

A girl-cut t-shirt- Plain t-shirts are fine, but there is something especially beautiful about a girl-cut t-shirt. These are typically shorter and have a defined waistline, where normal t-shirts do not.

A dressy halter-top- These are sensual, and can be worn with a pair of jeans for a dressed-down look, or a skirt for an evening look. Look for one made from a silky fabric such as silk charmeuse.

A leather jacket- This gives an outfit an edgy look. Make sure to look for a nicely tailored, fitted leather jacket for the best options.

A blazer- This is necessary when you may have to dress up an outfit for work. Otherwise, take a hint from guys and layer it over a t-shirt and jeans for a funky look.

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Although this sounds like a very classic wardrobe, it can fit into any style. For example, putting a little black dress on someone with blue hair, platform shoes, and some oddly colored stockings makes a great outfit for punks.

The best part about this wardrobe is that it is very easy to combine the pieces and find a great outfit for any occasion. A girl-cut t-shirt over jeans is great for a rock concert. Pair the jeans with a silky halter top for a nice date outfit. Wear the cashmere sweater over the A line skirt for a playful, yet classy look. No matter what combination there are enough items to keep your wardrobe looking fresh throughout every season.