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Easy Sand Art Projects for Kids

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Sand is not just for the sand box anymore. That’s right! Sand can be a great medium for kids to craft with. It is easy to get, fun to use, and provides a lot of crafting ideas. Here are some ideas to get your kids crafting with sand.

Sand Painting In A Jar
Colors and patterns are wonderful things for children to explore, to learn, and to try out. Whatever their “favorite” colors are when it comes to making art, the brighter the color is the better. Kids love to play in the sand also. So, why not combine the two. Creating art while playing with sand. What could be better for the kids?

Materials Needed:
Mason Jar
Food Coloring
Paper cups
Stir Sticks (Popsicle sticks works great)

Instructions for creating the sand painting:
1. Wash and dry the jar. Make sure the jar is completely dry inside. Remove any label from the outside of the jar. This is to see your kids’ masterpiece once it is finished.
2. Pour sand into several cups. Make sure that the sand is dry.
3. Add food coloring to the sand and stir with the stick. For a richer shade of color, add more coloring.
4. Dry the colored sand by pouring the sand onto a tray. Make sure the sand is evenly poured, as this will make the sand dry quickly.
5. Let the kids pour layers of their colored sand into the jar. The easiest method is to roll up a piece of paper and then pour the sand within this piece of paper. The paper allows for maneuvering of the sand.
6. Once the project is finished, have your child sign their masterpiece. Place on the mantel or use for bookends on your book shelf.

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Sand Candles
A great combination and these candles are pretty too!

Materials Needed:
Wax: Colored or Non-colored
Pan (To heat wax)
Pencil (To hold wick in place)
Dry sand (approximately 5 inches deep within a clean juice container)

Instructions for the candle:
1. Have your child scoop out some sand from the central area in the container but make sure there is a layer of sand left around the edges. You are making a mold for the wax to fill, so make the hole as deep as you want the candle to be.
2. Heat the wax and pour it into the mold. Make sure the mold is completely filled and pour the wax carefully. This is for your safety and to make sure that the mold does not collapse around the edges.
3. Tie one end of the wick to the pencil and put the other end of the wick into the wax and mold. Then rest the pencil on the rim of the juice container.
4. Let the candle harden overnight. Remove the pencil and trim the wick. Remove the candle from the mold.
5. Brush off any excess sand. Carve out designs with a toothpick and display on the mantle or use it for a centerpiece.

Sand Pictures
Create unique pictures with sand. This is a very fun project for the kids and it cures the boredom blues on a rainy day!

Materials Needed:
Construction paper
White glue
Food coloring

Instructions for the picture:
1. Color the sand with the food coloring and let it dry.
2. Have your child ‘draw’ a picture with the glue onto the construction paper.
3. Use the spoon to sprinkle the colored sand over the glue.
4. Let the glue dry and then shake off the excess sand. Your kids have just created instant art!

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Children love working with sand. These projects will stir their imagination. As an added bonus, these crafts will not break your bank account. So you see sand is great for crafting projects. Enjoy your kids’ creations.