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Disney Princess Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations

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Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White are the big three Disney Princesses that first come to mind. It’s easy to find themed birthday party favors associated with these three Disney Princess characters. Other Disney princess party ideas include Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Pocahontas. Using a Disney Princess Birthday Party theme, you can mix Disney and unbranded princess decorations and trinkets to make your Disney Princess Birthday Party a success.

Disney Princess Birthday Party Decorations: Streamers and Balloons
Pink, purple, and white streamers and balloons go a long way toward creating a festive atmosphere for your Disney Princess Birthday party. Be creative when hanging streamers and balloons. Twist colors together and drape them from the corners of the ceiling. Allow streamers and balloons to drop from the ceiling. If decorating a room with a drop ceiling tie the streamers and balloons to one string or streamer and tuck it under the edge of a ceiling tile. If you need an alternate way to drop decorations from the ceiling buy a small package of a dozen or half dozen self-adhesive wall hooks. Attach them temporarily to the ceiling so you have an easy way to hang balloons, streamers, and other decorations.

Disney Princess Birthday Party Decorations: Disney Prints and Plates
There are plenty of Disney Princess birthday party decorations available at discount department stores or party stores. Mylar balloons and princess streamers will add a pretty princess touch. You can also use your imagination to stretch your budget. Buy one package of Disney Princess plates. (Use solid pastel paper plates, cups, and napkins to serve snacks.) Line the edges of the plates with ribbons and glue the plates back to back. Suspend them from the ceiling.

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Another option is to cut princess characters out of the plates, use a hole punch to punch one hole at the top of the character and suspend it from the ceiling using streamers.

Disney Princess Birthday Party Decorations: Suspended Ribbons
Add more flare by suspending curled ribbons randomly from the ceiling.

Disney Princess Birthday Party Decorations: Removable Wall Adhesives
Additional Disney Princess decorations include removable wall adhesives. Do-it-yourself wall art can be made by projecting Princess images onto newsprint or butcher paper and tracing the outline. Have your children help color or paint your homemade party decorations. If you’d like to use your decorations as party favors, leave your Disney princess sketches uncolored. Trace enough Disney Princess pictures so everyone has a take home cut-out to color at home.

Disney makes posters and poster coloring books. Posters are ready to hang decorations that can be enjoyed latter by your little princess. Disney Poster Coloring books are another inexpensive alternative. Each book contains either several oversized pictures or four posters to a book. Color with your child and use for wall decorations.

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