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Culture of Gujarat

Gujarat boasts of being a cultural state of India where the legacy is carried down to generations. Located in the western region of India, Gujarat has a charming history of culture. The astounding Culture of Gujarat is an integral part of Gujaratis. Since ages the heritage has been nourished and preserved by the people of Gujarat. They have their own set of traditions which they follow without failing. Modernization and industrialization have also not influenced the cultural heritage of Gujarat. The following aspects will help understand Gujarat Culture better.

The Vivacious Gujaratis: The people of Gujarat are famous for their peace loving habits. The inhabitants of Gujarat are called Gujaratis and the language they use for communication is called Gujarati. They are warm and friendly people who are concerned about the welfare of the society. Their generosity can be seen in their habit of building a Chabutra in their homes for bird feeding. A major part of Gujarati polpuation comprises of Hindus with many sub castes like Koli, Kanbi, Brahmin, Vaishnava, Suthar, Luhar, Kadiya, Kumbhar, Rajput, Vaniya, Anavil and Lohana. You will also find tribal communities in Gujarat like Jats, Harijans, Ahirs, Rabaris. Gujarati women are given due respect in their families.

The Revered Religion: The state of Gujarat has been a place where you will multitude of religions. People of all religions live harmoniously in Gujarat. If there are Hindus, then there are Muslims, Jains, Parsis also. All the religions are greatly revered. The state boosts of number of pilgrimage sites including some of the ancient temples in India.

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The Invigorating Dance and The Melodious Music: Gujaratis always have time to celebrate moments of life indulging in festivals and merry making. All the celebrations are marked with traditional dance and music. The performing arts of Gujarat date back to the ancient times. It is said that Lord Krishna has spent his early childhood days here. And becoming the king of the region he patronized the dances and music of Gujarat. The most popular folk drama of the state is Bhavai. There are many dances you would enjoy in Gujarat like Raas, Garba, Dandiya, Tippani Nritya, Siddi Dance, Padhar Nritya, Dangi Nritya and local tribal dances.

The Extravaganza of Festivals: Festivals in Gujarat have all together different meaning. All the festivals are celebrated with much enthusiasm. Navratri is the most celebrated festivals among others. Nightlong Dandiya and Garbas mark the festivities. Elaborate celebrations are arranged and people enjoy dancing around the idol of Goddess Durga. Among other most celebrated festivals are Holi, Diwali and Makar Sakranti. People are busy in kite flying whole day on Makar Sankranti. Bhadra Purnima is yet another day which is full of reverence and happiness.

Remarkable Art and Craft: The adroit Gujaratis are fond of all forms of art and crafts. Their skill makes a piece of wood, brass, bronze or clay lifelike. Every souvenir speaks of its own exclusivity. Do check out the vibrant Embroideries, Calligraphy, Sculpture and miniature painting, Wood Craving, Stone Carving, Metal Work and Pottery.

The state of Gujarat is an all in all cultural state of India where you will enjoy various facets of life.

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