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Comparing Ohio’s Top 4 Online Schools

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Your Guide to the Ohio’s Top 4 Online Schools

Ohio has several online schools that are worth taking a look at. Each school is unique! Take a look at each to see what school is right for you and your child.

Alternative Education Academy (OHDELA)
121 S. Main Street
Suite 310
Akron, OH 44308
330-253-8680 or 866-864-3352
State of Ohio Rating – Continuous Improvement
Grades K- 12

OHDELA offers each student a complete computer system to use while enrolled in this school. There is no fee for it’s usage, and it includes the desktop computer and the printer/fax/scanner combination. In addition to the computer, financial aid for high speed internet is also available. The student is also provided books, tuition, and other materials free of charge. Each enrolled student has unlimited access to the World Book and video library with over 10,000 videos. The student will be able to attend Live online classes taught by a State of Ohio Certified instruction. The student will have access to grades and curriculum 24 hrs a day. Technical support reimbursements for supplemental educational activities is available after one of enrollment.

OHDELA is not recommended for students with disciplinary problems. Students that are unmotivated and lack self discipline are also not good candidates for this online school. However, OHDELA does offer individualized learning plans for both advanced learners and students with disabilities. These students are encouraged to enroll in the program.

OHDELA offers an in person orientation. They also have a Parent Supplemental Education Account (PSEA). This account allows parents and guardians to request funds towards specific individual educational expenses that the student may require.

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Electronic Classroom for Tomorrow (ECOT)
3700 South High Street
Suite 95
Columbus, Ohio 43207-4083
State of Ohio Rating – Continuous Improvement
Ages 5 – 21

ECOT offers each student one computer systems to use while enrolled in classes. However, allowances will also be provided to student that already have a computer and do not require another one. A reimbursement is also available to cover the cost of connecting to ECOT’s web based network.
ECOT is a public school, it is tuition free and all learning materials will be provided free of charge. Parents are responsible, for providing consumables such as ink replacement cartridges and printer paper. Fees associated with non-computer related curriculum, such as science lab work and field trips may also be required.

ECOT welcomes all students with specialized needs. They have trained staff members that are committed and qualified to serve exceptional children. This school is also idea for any student that may be considering dropping out of high school, as they will still graduate with a high school diploma and the age limit for this school is 21.

ECOT does not wish to be considered an internet school. Although, the program uses a secure intranet server, students are restricted from unapproved website and outsiders are not able to reach ECOT students. While students are required to use computers to access their lessons, chances are they may never meet other classmates.

Ohio Connections Academy (OCA)
1000 Lancaster St.
6th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
State of Ohio Rating – Continuous Improvement
K-10 for 2006 school year (K-11 in 2007, K-12 in 2008)

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OCA provides each student with free tuition, books and learning materials. A complete loaner computer system is also offered at no cost. This includes a desktop computer and printer. Parents are responsible for consumables and field trip money. Families will also receive internet access. OCA online communication, planning, and learning management tools. As well as online lessons and library resources. Computer training courses are also offered at no additional cost.

OCA welcomes both struggling and gifted students. It is also the only virtual public school to be recognized by the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA). CITA is the most rapidly growing educational accreditation agency in the world. In order to receive this award, Connections Academy was required to meet twelve established standards of distance education. This included program offerings, student services and staff. OCA exceeded all requirements. OCA also uses programs developed by leading educational publishers such as Calvert School and Prentice Hall.

Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA)
1655 Holland Road
Suite F
Maumee, OH 43537
State of Ohio Rating – Effective (4 consecutive years)
K-11 in the 2006 (K-12 in 2007)

OHVA provides all the textbooks and instructional materials that are needed to complete the program without charge. A computer system will be loaned to each family. This will include the computer, printer, software, and Internet connection. Parents are responsible for providing some consumable materials (such as printer ink and paper).

OHVA can accommodate the needs of nearly any child. The program is very flexible and the curriculum can be altered to meet the needs of the accelerated child as well as the struggling one.

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According to the latest Department of Education’s school report card, the Ohio Virtual Academy is the best performing e-School in Ohio for the fourth year in a row. This online school plans many field trips and educational outings. The curriculum is both online and offline. They are currently in the process of improving the schools socialization tools. This will allow the students to interact with classmates and teacher more frequently.