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Changing a Car Battery Made Easy


Changing an automobile battery can seem like a huge task. In reality, it is a very simple job to master. When changing a car battery, be sure of two things before beginning, make sure to change into old clothes, since battery acid can get onto clothing and make holes in them. Next, be sure to wear some gloves to lift the battery, or if cleaning of the connectors is necessary, since battery acid on skin can get into eyes or burn sensitive skin.

When replacing an automobile battery, first step is to loosen the positive battery cable. This is the red or positive cable. If this cannot be determined by the color of the post, or is not otherwise printed on the cable, clean the area around the battery terminal post, and read the on the battery itself which is positive. This is done with a wrench on the side bolt and nut of the battery cable, on the top or front of the battery, depending on which type of battery the car uses. Using two wrenches may be necessary, one to hold the nut stationary, and one to turn the bolt. Once the battery cable is loose from the terminal post on the battery, slip the battery cable off of the battery and set aside. It should not be necessary to completely remove the bolt or nut from the terminal, and this will make it more difficult to put in the replacement battery.

Remove the negative battery cable from the battery terminal post in the same way that was used to remove the positive cable. Be sure to use a piece of masking tape folded in half somewhere in the middle of the cable, if the cables are not red and black or marked positive and negative in another way. Write positive on the positive cable and negative on the negative cable. This can be left for future battery changes. Once both of the battery cable have been removed, loosen the apparatus holding the battery in place. This is what keeps the battery in place when moving down the road. It may not be necessary to remove this completely, if not simply loosen it.

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While wearing gloves, lift the battery out of the engine compartment and set in a safe place until the battery can be taken to a battery disposal station or turned in as a core, so the core charge can be redeemed. Take the new battery and put into the battery holder apparatus and tighten. Next place the negative battery cable onto the battery terminal post and tighten the cable onto the post. Now take the positive battery cable and place onto the battery terminal post and tighten the cable in place. This should be all that is needed to replace the battery in the automobile.

A few tips that may not be obvious are, when the cables have been removed, be sure that there is no corrosion on the battery cable ends, if there is, be sure to use a wire brush while wearing gloves, that all of the corrosion is removed and the battery ends are sprayed with a household lubricant such as WD40 or some other such lubricant. Be sure that any corrosion is removed and the cable ends are sprayed and dry before attaching to the battery, because this could cause the battery to explode or catch on fire. In addition, if the wire brush does not seem to be removing the corrosion or rust on the battery cable ends, you can used regular paste tooth paste, the white kind, with the wire brush or even a tooth brush to remove the corrosion or rust from the cable ends. Other gentle abrasives which can be used to remove stubborn rust or corrosion are damp (make a very dry paste) baking soda or salt. these substances, as well as the toothpaste should be removed completely from the cables using a damp-not wet!- cloth and be sure that all toothpaste or baking soda or salt is removed and the area is dry, before spraying with the household lubricant. NEVER spray on battery terminal posts, this could cause a fire or explosion.

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Using these steps anyone should be able to easily change an automobile battery with little trouble or aggravation. It is surprising that it is actually very easy to change an automobile battery, and most people can do it and even keep the battery cable ends from corrosion or rust in the future. Save towing and gargage charges for changing a battery, which can be done by most anyone.