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Birthday Gifts for Teenagers

Birthday Gifts, Gift Ideas for Her

When it comes to birthday gifts for teenagers, it’s always challenging to know where exactly to turn. The best gift for a teenage boy would obviously vary some from the best gift for a teenage girl. On that note, the best birthday gift for a 13 year old wouldn’t necessarily be the best birthday gift for a 17 year old. That’s why I divided the following gift ideas into four sections by age and gender; girls 15 and under, boys 15 and under, girls 16 and over, and boys 16 and over.

The best gifts for a teenage girl under the age of 15 is typically clothes. It’s simply what brings them joy. A new item of clothing to them is a confidence booster and self esteem raiser. Usually though, they would rather pick the item themselves. So unless you can easily pick up on the style of clothes you teen like, leave it to the gift cards. You can purchase a gift card to practically anywhere, and just the sheer fact that they get to pick for themselves this year will be a surprise they’ll love. Another one of the best gifts for a teenage girl is makeup, so don’t forget a possible gift card from Sephora. Also many people their age love taking pictures of themselves, so if it’s in your price range, a camera would be make for one of the best birthday gifts!

As girls grow up they tend to obsess less over what they look like, and more on realistic things such as a car. They will most likely have their heart set on it, even the car and brand already in mind. They will have probably picked out a rather expensive one. This is where arguments take place, but don’t let that put you down. You’re the one with the money in this situation and any car would be a great birthday gift for teenagers in general. You may not want to face it now but another one of the best gifts for a teenage girl over the age of 16 is supplies for college. Especially if you’re not planning on spending too much on it right now, the iwave cube mini microwave fits easily in any suitcase and in a dorm will take up close to no space at all.

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Now the best gifts for a teenage boy aren’t so completely different. For example clothes may not make one of the best birthday gifts but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be an option. Sports equipment may also be a good idea. It’s expensive and you may end up having to buy it for them anyway later on down the road. Why not buy it now and have the chance to call it a birthday present. One of the best gifts for a teenage boy though would have to be an air soft gun (plus a target and a safety mask). Another one of the best gifts for a teenage boy (under the age of 15) is a video game. It seems like there’s always a better newer version of the game they already have out there that they simply need to get. Either getting a hint, or going for the gift card would make one of the best birthday gifts.

The best gift for a teenage boy over the age of 16 usually varies greatly. This is the start of maturity, and you need to give them the respect of a young adult. The best birthday gifts you could give would be a car, a laptop, or a mini fridge for their soon to be dorm room. Remember that boys their age have enormous appetites. Boys there age will also most likely be expecting a car some time or another and if they already have one, gas money wouldn’t make best birthday gift, but it would be nice.

All together some of the best birthday gifts come by heart. You know you’re kid better than anybody else. The best birthday gifts for teenagers come simply from an idea that’s put a little thought to. Recognize the changes your child, now young adult has gone through. Try to see the paths that they’ve followed to decide what kind of person they are now and what kind of gift they would be interested in. Besides, when it comes to attempting to buy the best birthday gifts for teenagers, you can’t forget that a bad gift can always be returned by receipt.