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Best Neighborhoods in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

German History, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Washington Heights

When you sit down and divide out all the neighborhoods of Milwaukee, Wisconsin you maybe shocked to find out how many there really are. Milwaukee, Wisconsin has 45 different neighborhoods, and each with their own name! So when moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin how do you choose the right one for you? Well I will go over a few of the top neighborhoods here to help you pick the diamond in the ruff.

First off let me start by saying if you would like a full list of the neighborhoods and a short description as to where each one is lease view Wikipedia’s Neighborhood List.

Bay View has a lot of boutiques, bars and restaurants with an urban twist. This neighborhood is on the south shore of Lake Michigan, 3 miles of downtown. Bay view has been named Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s lakeside oasis within the city. Bay View was also named Milwaukee, Wisconsin first Suburb in 1879. The housing architecture is well kept from the style in the 1879, mixed with the new lakeside style. The school system in this neighborhood is one of the better ones in the city.

Now on to East Side is the area where most collage students and young professionals stay, being it is closest to campus. This neighborhood is known as the melting post as it is very diverse and filled with culture. East Side has any type of food, bars, and stores to fit any type. This neighborhood is on the east side of the Milwaukee River and north of downtown. The housing in this neighborhood range from expensive high rises to affordable brownstones and duplexes.

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Next we venture to Walkers Point and Historic Third Ward. Walkers point is just south of Third Ward. This is a great artsy area filled with art galleries and specialty stores. This area is heavy in its Hispanic origin and great for Mexican food. This is also an area heavy in its industrial themes. The area is starting to build up in offices and condos. This neighborhood is a very up class neighborhood for living in. This area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is filled with antique shops.

Next we have Washington Heights locates on the west side of Milwaukee. This is a historic area and full of arts and craft homes and business. The area is full of small business so it is great to find unique food, and items you can’t find anywhere else. This neighborhood has a slogan they are known for, “In the City — Out of the Ordinary!” This is an area big on historic churches also.

Now on to Brewers Hill which is located on a hill, just north of downtown. This neighborhood is heavy is its German history. This neighborhood has some of the oldest comes in the city. This neighborhood got its name when many of the workers from the brewery moved to this neighborhood for the shorter drive to work. Many of the apartment buildings were factories that have been converted.

This is a start toy our digging when searching for the right neighborhood for. Welcome to Milwaukee, Wisconsin!