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Best Mexican Restaurant in Midland, TX: Gotta Be Rosa’s Cafe

Best Mexican Restaurant, Cafe Standards

Rosa’s Cafe may not have the best Mexican food of all time, but it’s a staple of my hometown that cannot be forgotten. While not all out-of-towners have been unduly impressed, I have had former residents of towns with Rosa’s Cafes rave about the cuisine years later, wishing that I could return with fajitas from my visits home. The menu is mesquite-grilled and hot, an optimal amount of spice and oil, and the price is reasonable. Rosa’s rounds out its spot atop Midland’s Mexican restaurants with several key advantages over contemporary rivals.

Rosa’s gets your food out fast. The food is far better than fast food, besting Taco Bell, Taco Villa, and Jumburrito with ease, but comes from the kitchen as fast or faster. Conveniently-placed big-screen monitors reveal the order numbers in an easy-to-read grid as they come available, allowing you to fetch your tray as soon as it’s ready without having to strain to hear a number yelled amid a cacophony of conversation. Also, the pick-up-your-own-order method minimizes the number of tray-carrying staff rushing about, minimizing awkward bumps and near-misses.

Rosa’s has a phenomenal, market-savvy deal every Tuesday. The restaurant chain’s Taco Tuesday deal, offering a taco plate for three dollars, draws in the customers while allowing smart consumers to maximize their dollar. While my favorite Rosa’s food costs a pretty penny, my family gets dinner from Rosa’s every Tuesday evening for a great deal. For less than fifteen dollars we get everybody happily fed. For Taco Bell prices we get Rosa’s every week…not too shabby! Those who partake in Taco Tuesday and become rapidly addicted provide Rosa’s plenty of profit the other six days of the week.

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Rosa’s has good decor and a good atmosphere. It’s not cheap linoleum-tile and shiny plastic like a fast-food joint, not dim and icily-cold like a fancy restaurant. It is colorful without being obnoxious, maintains a good volume and temperature inside, and all venues have good seating arrangements and decent parking. No other Mexican restaurant in Midland has offered, in my opinion, that optimal feel-good package like Rosa’s.

Is Rosa’s the best Mexican option for a fancy date night or a quick bite at midnight? Not really. But is it your day-to-day favorite? Absolutely.