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Best Ice Cream Places in and Around Columbus, Ohio

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Looking for a fresh and creamy frozen treat to cool you down in this summer heat? If you love ice cream like I do, you know that not all ice creams are created equal. Store-bought ice creams have nothing on the homemade ice creams from the local parlors. If you are looking for a new place or new flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth or cool you down from the summer heat, here is a list of the best ice cream places in the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas.

Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl

An ice cream tradition in Zanesville, Ohio, this quaint little ice cream shop will take you back in time and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time. Dating back to 1950, Tom’s has been a favorite for many because of the heaping high serving of trademark flavor ice creams that comes to you in a big ol’ soup bowl. Tom’s has been highlighted in USA as one of the “10 Great Places in America to Get a ‘Scoop'” and mentioned in Ohio Magazine as One of Ohio’s Best Ice Creams and I completely agree. Trust me when I tell you, the drive is worth it. Grab yourself a banana split or black and white sundae that you will never forget. Tom’s also has fresh roasted nuts and cashews, candies, and ceramic ice cream bowls that you can take home with you and won’t melt on the way. Take the drive and enjoy one of the Nation’s best ice creams.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

With a couple locations throughout the local Columbus area, Jeni’s is bound to be everyone’s favorite ice cream place. Signature and seasonal flavors keep patrons coming back to try them all. Salty Caramel, Belgian Milk Chocolate, Bourbon Butter Pecan, and the Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet are just a couple of the signature flavors that keep this ice cream lover coming back for more. The latest seasonal flavors Backyard Mint and Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries are my new summer favorites! Check out Jeni’s website for locations and flavor descriptions and then try them out. If you are an ice cream lover looking for something other than the traditional flavors, you are going to love Jeni’s, I promise!

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Denise’s Homemade Ice Cream

Every time I visit Denise’s ice cream I’m amazed. With lots of different flavors, I haven’t come across one I don’t like, and am yet to try them all. Ginger Snap Cookie, Banana, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Buttered Sweet Corn, and Coffee Oreo are just a few of the tantalizing flavors Denise’s has to offer. Check out their website for more fantastic flavors that will satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you wanting more.

Johnson’s Real Ice Cream

Located on Main Street in Bexley, this family owned ice cream shop offers 50 different flavors of ice cream, Fresh baked pies, cookies, and cones. Cherry Amaretto, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Banana Fudge are just a few of my favorites, and their new Caramel Cream has been added to my list of must-haves. Johnson’s also offers seasonal flavors that will keep you coming back for more. I love their Pumpkin in the fall, and Orange Pineapple is another seasonal favorite.

Best Ice Cream Chain Offerings in Columbus:


Grater’s Ice Cream is another great place to get signature flavor ice creams to cool you down in the summer heat. Century old recipes and homemade methods are not the only things that make Grater’s one of the best places to get ice cream, but it is also the highest quality ingredients that Grater’s uses make these mouth-watering treats. And, in case you didn’t know, all locations in the greater Columbus area serve certified Kosher products. Be sure to stop in and try an original flavor, or one of their famous chip flavors. Black Raspberry Chip and Chocolate Coconut Almond Chip are some of my favorites.

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Cold Stone Creamery

Though not unique to the Columbus area, Cold Stone Creamery serves up some of the finest ice cream creations, cakes, smoothies, and shakes. Cold Stone take an innovative and unique approach to preparing their ice cream treats. Ice cream lovers can choose from a variety of flavors, toppings, and sauces that get mixed in on top of a frozen granite stone. Employees may even start singing a catchy little jingle tune while you are standing there waiting for your frozen delight. You personalize and create your own experience when you get ice cream from Cold Stone.

Culver’s Frozen Custard

Culver’s may serve more than just ice cream treats, but you can definitely cool off with one of their shakes, malts, mixers, or sundaes. Grab yourself a Turtle Sundae, or a Batter Brownie Concrete Mixer, and beat the heat with a tasty frozen treat.

Rita’s Italian Ice

At Rita’s will find delicious Italian Ice which are Fat-free, Cholesterol-Free, and are also available in sugar free. The sugar free ices are delectable and one can hardly tell that they are sugar free. Rita’s offers shakes, Gelatis, and Blendinis and are all made to order. I love Rita’s flavored Italian Ices, and their creamy vanilla fat-free soft serve.

So whether you’ve got a sweet craving to satisfy, or you are just looking for something new and fresh, the ice cream places listed above are the perfect solution.

Here are some other Columbus,Ohio favorites: Emack & Bolio’s, Mardi Gras Homemade Ice Cream, Serendipity, Cool Cravings, Handel’s, Godiva, and the UDF (United Dairy Farmers)