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Best Hair Detanglers Guide

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Hair detangler is absolutely necessary if you have hair that is easily prone to tangling. Constantly working through hair that tangles can lead to damage and leave hair less manageable. I have very thick hair that always tangles after washing, but I have found a couple great hair detangler products that also work well as conditioners and heat protectors for styling.

Here are three of the best hair detanglers I have found out of several drugstore and salon brands sampled on my own locks.

VO5 Detangle & Shine Restoring Leave-In Conditioner
Out of all the brands of detangle spray and conditioners I have tried, the VO5 Detangle and Shine Restoring Leave-In Conditioner is my go to bottle, both for the performance and the price. At just three dollars a bottle it is a good bargain and it can be found in most grocery and drugstores. The VO5 Detangler is a leave in conditioner so it works best when sprayed into your hair immediately after showering, and is then brushed in. Knots work themselves out once I begun to comb through my hair and it is able to work on my super thick hair unlike most brands.

What I didn’t know when I first bought this product, was that not only was it a great detangler, but a detangler, conditioner, shine spray, and heat styling spray all in one! Being able to cut three products out of my daily routine. I was ecstatic, especially since I only spent three dollars on something as basic as a detangling spray.

John Frieda Root Awakening Health Boosting Detangling Spray
I have to admit that I am not a big John Frieda user, mainly because more than fifty percent of the line is dedicated to specific hair colors or types of which I don’t fall into– blonde, redhead, frizzy and color treated. The new product line from John Frieda caught my attention though, especially since the Root Awakening products were meant for all hair types. The detangling spray is supposed to give you three times healthier hair, which is why I decided to give it a try for a month to see exactly how much healthier my hair looked and felt after using it.

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As a detangling spray, it did great and I never had to fight with a single knot the entire month I used it. When I had the detangler in my hair, my locks did look a lot healthier, but I think this had more to do with the shine in the conditioner than the nourishing ingredients. I did like that most of the ingredients were natural though, even if the ingredients did leave my scalp tingling for half an hour– something I would rather avoid. Overall, it is a great detangler, and for those who like to go with natural products this is the best detangler I have found, but I think you can do better and spend less than $7.

Redken Curl Refiner Leave-In Anti Frizz Detangler for Unruly Curls
For those of you with curly hair, I understand your pain. Up until a few years ago I had a crazy mess of curls that went frizzy unless I took the time to tame each and every lock. I wish I had this Redken detangler back then, my sister, on the other hand, benefits from this miracle conditioner. Thanks to one of the best hairstylists, we found this leave in anti frizz detangler and we now depend on the salon to keep us well stocked.

Two things. It works great and you will look like you just got your hair done when really all it takes is a few minutes to finger it through your hair. Secondly, you can’t buy it in stores, only salons, and the price varies depending on what salon you purchase it from.