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Best Couple’s Spa Treatments for Honeymoons

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After weeks of hectic wedding errands and the frenzy of the big day, it is no wonder that many couples look to get spa treatments as part of their honeymoon relaxation. Many spas now offer packages that allow the couple to enjoy spa treatments together. Here are four of the best honeymoon couple’s spa treatments:

Couple’s Massages

Couple’s massages are arguably one of the most popular couple’s spa treatments offered on spa menus. Usually this treatment is offered in a larger treatment room with two massage tables set up side-by-side. While the massage is no different than that offered during a regular massage session, a couple’s massage allows the couple to talk, hold hands, and emotionally connect together while the tension from the wedding stress is kneaded away.

Couple’s Pedicures

While most brides will indulge in a pedicure before the wedding, booking a couple’s pedicure treatment is a great way to relax aching feet after hours of dancing at the reception. When booked as a couple’s spa treatment, newlyweds can enjoy side-by-side foot soaks, scrubs and pampering, all while being able to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Couple’s Body Scrubs and Wraps

Body scrubs and wraps are relaxing spa treatments that can provide therapeutic exfoliation and moisture. Many spas are now offering these body scrubs and wraps as a couple’s treatment. Just as in a couple’s massage, usually there are two tables set up so that the newlyweds can enjoy the spa treatments in the same room.

Couple’s Spa Soaks

A spa soak is a nice add-on to the end of a massage or scrub: the spa technician will draw a bath and add essential oils, moisturizing cleansers, or other soothing ingredients. For a couple’s treatment, the spa ingredients are added to a larger hot tub that can fit both people. A hot spa soak is great way to add a few extra relaxing moments to a couple’s spa treatment and to melt away any leftover tension.

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Post-Honeymoon Relaxation

Many spas now offer couple’s massage lessons in addition to the spa treatment. Here couples can learn how to give each other a massage: not only a relaxing element of a honeymoon, but a nice skill to have acquired as they head home to the new stresses of married life. In addition to massages, newlyweds can create their own couple’s spa experience by setting aside time every once in awhile to treat each other to a relaxing foot rub, apply a body scrub before a shower, or draw a hot bath to enjoy together.