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Best Birthday Gifts for Taurus

Birthday Gifts, Gift Ideas for Her, Weeding Tools

Gift Ideas for Astrology’s Sign of the Bull

People born under the sign of Taurus relish birthday gifts thoughtfully matched to their earthy and beauty-loving natures. By keeping this in mind, shopping for them can be fun and rewarding. Birthday gift ideas for a Taurus man or woman are explored in this article.

Tool and Gadget Gifts for Taurus

Many hard working and tenacious Taurus people delight in owning the precise tool to more easily complete a building project or put something together. As an earth element sign, Taurus often enjoys and is skilled in construction, or assembling things in some way. Woodworking, mechanical, or basic hand tools are great gift choices for them.

Electronic gadgets or accessories as gifts are also possibilities, enabling a Taurus to enjoy good music, art, and literature expressions of timeless quality. Gadgets or accessories relating to stereo systems, computers, cameras etc. are possibilities.

Classic Movies and Music Gifts for Taurus

Another gift idea for Taurus is a classical movie or music CD. A well-done movie from an earlier time, or vintage bluegrass, jazz, blues, or classical music of any era should appeal to a Taurus individual’s respect for beauty and quality. Or you could give them a gift certificate to a store or website carrying these wares.

Hobby Supply Gifts for Taurus

If the gift recipient has a favorite hobby, supplies for it should be a welcomed gift. For instance, a photography buff might like receiving lenses; memory chips, printing paper, or photo paper. A gardening enthusiast – a set of new weeding tools or seeds for unusual varieties of plants. Whatever price range you have chosen, hobby supplies of some sort should be available. And there’s always the option of giving a gift certificate to the photography store, plant nursery, etc.

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Sightseeing Trip Gifts for Taurus

Many Taurus people love nature and spending time enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. The gift of a sightseeing trip of any type should be special to her or him. Consider short rides to a pretty city park, or all day trips to a scenic mountain, beach, or river. For a very special birthday gift you could give tickets to a picturesque train ride or tour, old-fashioned riverboat day trip, or even a hot-air balloon.

Restaurant Dining and Specialty Food Gifts for Taurus

Taurus people usually enjoy tasty quality food, and a gift of it is likely to be appreciated. This could include lunch out at an attractive small soup and salad café known for delicious dishes, or a formal dinner at a tastefully decorated restaurant known for its savory full course meals.

Another idea is to give some kind of specialty food as a gift, a set of jams, mustards, hot sauces, teas, or coffees, for instance. Or put together your own box or basketful of specialty foods in a combination you think the Taurus gift recipient will like.