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Karla News

Red Robin Versus Burger King & McDonald’s

Who is better – the fast food juggernauts Burger King and McDonald’s or the sit-down restaurant Red Robin? The answer shall be determined in this four round fight. McDonald’s, Burger King and Red Robin will be judged on the factors of time, food quality, beverage selection and cost. Whatever restaurant stands tall at the end ...

Karla News

Amy’s Organic Food Products Are Healthy and Delicious

More and more people everyday are wanting to try organic food but don’t know what to buy. Some organic food may seem too unconventional for some people, offering unheard of ingredients such as quinoa, bulgur or tofu. While these types of organic food are good, some people prefer the comfort of classic meals. Amy’s organic ...

Karla News

Pioco’s Chicken Serves the Best Mofongo in Town: A Review

Pioco’s Chicken located at Osceola Parkway in Kissimmee, Florida is the hot spot to be if you’re craving authentic Puerto Rican food and desserts. One of Puerto Rico’s essential dish is mofongo. Mofongo is made from fried green plantains, mashed together, and then drenched with thick chicken, crab, shrimp or beef broth. The mofongo then ...