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Best Bedroom Organizing Tips

Organizing Tips

Piles of dirty clothes, lightly soiled clothes, clothes that need mending. Scattered shoes underfoot. Overflowing dresser drawers. Jewelry in a tangle on a dresser. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, your bedroom is overdue for a serious organizational overhaul.

The good news is, getting a bedroom that’s a retreat you’ll look forward to visiting rather than the last resort at the end of a busy day is not as difficult as it sounds. It’s all about making your space work for your needs.

The Unavoidable Purge
If advising you to purge your bedroom of unwanted/unneeded items sounds familiar, that’s because it’s good advice. The key to a clean, organized bedroom is having room for the things you wear and use most — room that is most easily created by getting rid of the things you don’t wear or use. Purge your closets, drawers and other storage areas of clothing you no longer wear, items that are stained or torn beyond repair or that no longer fit, and other items you simply don’t use any more. Then, remove everything from your closets, drawers and other spaces (don’t worry, you’ll be putting them back shortly).

A (Good) Place for Everything
There are two reasons why piles of clothes and shoes end up on floors, beds and other spots in the bedroom: it’s difficult to return them to their places when you’re done with them. Organize your drawers and closets according to how you wear your clothing, shoes and accessories, and you’ll find that putting everything back in it’s place is much simpler. The clothing you wear most should take center stage in your closet, with special occasion/out-of-season items in the back. Likewise shoes; shoes you wear most often should be stored where they are easiest to find and replace, even if this means putting some sort of shoe organizer at the foot of your bed. Save your drawer space for pajamas, underwear, t-shirts and other light items that are easy to get out and replace from drawers. As for ties, scarves, jewelry and belts, invest in a few hanging organizers, and attach them to closet doors or the wall, where your items are easy to see and replace. Use wall-mounted or door hooks for lightly-worn clothing, and put a hamper in whatever corner of the room where dirty clothes have a tendency to pile up.

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Creating Space
Finding enough storage space in the bedroom is often a problem, as anyone who lives in a home with limited closet space and a small bedroom can attest to. Look beyond the closet and the traditional dresser and/or chest set-up, however, and you can create space for all your clothing and other items. Take advantage of the space under the bed to store out-of-season clothing and other little-used items. If you have a great collection of heels, purses, jewelry, ties or belts, make them a focal point of your room by “storing” them on a wall, using hooks or shallow shelves to display them. Make more room for hanging clothing by installing a closet rod or a free-standing hanging clothes rod in a corner of the room, and use a drapery rod and nice curtain to hide it from view.

The Multi-Media Bedroom
Whether you live with roommates and need to store your electronics in your room, or just have a bedroom that doubles as a home office, striking the right balance between work and rest can be difficult. Free up floor space by mounting your TV on the wall. Use file totes or other attractive storage boxes to store papers, files and other items. Dedicate a section of your dresser, or a wall-mounted shelf to phones and other devices.

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