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Best Affordable Gifts for Fly-Fishers

There is a whole lot more to fly fishing than just water, rod, fly and fish. Even though that’s what it may seem like to a casual observer, most fly-fishers are very passionate about fly fishing and there are a variety of gifts you can give to someone who enjoys fly-fishing. As such, it’s not very hard to think of some good gifts for your fly-fishers. Use the guide below, and then add or subtract stuff to it or from it to come up with the perfect gift for your fly-fishing buddy.

1. Wading Staff – A wading staff is a very good gift to give to a fly fishing fan. Not only does it help keep the fisher dry by not letting them fall in water as they wade through it, the wading staff has many more uses as well. For example, the wading staff helps prevent sting rays. Sting rays are generally pretty docile, and almost never attack, unless they fear for their life. Most of the sting ray attacks occur when someone is wading through water and steps on a sting ray. Even then the attacks occur only if the sting ray can’t get away and absolutely needs to attack to save itself. The wading staff is an extremely good way to prevent that, and the fisher can poke the floor in front of him to warn all the sting rays so that they can leave. The wading staff is an excellent gift that will highly appreciated. The wading staff costs about $60-$70, and generally lasts forever, so it really is a very good gift idea.

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2. Quick Seine Nets – The one thing that any fly-fisher learns to do early on, is to analyze the fishing spots. You can learn a whole lot about any spot, river or water based on the insect population there. It indicates a verity of tings – from the kind of fish available to the population of the fish available. Many fly-fishers spend a large amount of time looking for the perfect spot and analyzing the insect population in the different places. So how do you go about it? Have you ever seen some old timers use their hats to pull up a sample of water? That’s how important it is to most fishers to analyze the insects. This is where the Quick Seine Nets come into play. The Quick Seine Nets are generally the size of a racquetball racket or smaller. They cost no more than $25 either, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of the gift either. They can even be attached to the fishing net. The Quick Seine Nets let the fly-fisher analyze the local insect population quickly by acting as a sieve that traps the insects. This is a gift that just about every fly-fisher will appreciate a whole lot.

3.The Trout King – This is one of the classics for all fly-fishers. It’s a story about two fly-fishers at a tournament. Both of them hate to lose. One is from outside the town hosting it and one is from the town itself. The long standing rivalry takes the game to a whole new level, and results in a series of events that will keep you (if you’re a fly-fisher) enthralled for a long time. This is an all time favorite, and most fly-fishers can be seen reading this as they fish. This is not a manual, so you won’t be hurting someone’s ego, but is again, something that is cheap and perfect!

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So there you have it, take it from there are add your own creativity to come up with the perfect gift! Consider The Light In The Darkness program for any monetary required.