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Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

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Although electric fireplaces are not currently as popular as gas or wood fireplaces they are quickly becoming popular due to their ease of use and simple upkeep. Fireplaces bring elegance and character to almost any room; however with wood and gas fireplaces the upkeep may keep potential customers away. Electric fireplaces look great, can be turned on with the switch of a button, easy to install, and require no cleaning. This article will take a look at the benefits of having an electric fireplace, and why it is a good choice to have in any home or apartment.

Benefits of an electric fireplace: Cleaning

Fireplaces look great in nearly every room, but having to shovel out ash as well as making sure the chimney flue is open can be a real inconvenience. Cleaning wood or gas fireplaces consists of taking out all of the burned remains every time you wish you have a fire; the bricks used in traditional wood fireplaces often turn an unattractive black after heavy use and have to be washed. Electric fireplaces require no cleaning as there is no actual fire. No cleaning means greater convenience and more time to enjoy the fireplace instead of cleaning it.

Benefits of an electric fireplace: Efficiency

Opponents of electric fireplaces will say that it is expensive to use electric fireplaces; however that is just not the case. Electric fireplaces are great for warming individual rooms, and the smaller models work well in smaller rooms. The heat produced by the electric fireplace is used in place of using heaters; whereas using a wood fireplace you will still have to heat the house using a heater. I have a large 4ft wide wood fireplace in my den and even when the fire is raging the only room that is warm in the house is the den, the rest of the house actually loses heat.

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Benefits of an electric fireplace: Easy to install

Electric fireplaces come prebuilt and are easy to install in any area. Electric fireplaces do not require a chimney, therefore they can be placed virtually anywhere. Due to their ease of installation electric fireplaces are great for apartments that could not install a traditional fireplace safely.

Benefits of an electric fireplace: Safe

Electric fireplaces give the illusion of a fire burning while producing heat; they use light bulbs on the interior and not real fire. Electric fireplaces are safe for the entire family as there is little risk of an accident occurring, especially with pets or young children. Gas fireplaces are difficult to clean and unsafe if you do not follow the manufacturer’s directions to the very letter; however electric fireplaces pose none of these hazards.

Benefits of an electric fireplace: Convenience

I have owned a wood fireplace for nearly 11 years now and still have a hard time lighting and cleaning it before each use. Electric fireplaces are turned on by the convenience of a light switch; there is no setting up or cleaning beforehand. The ability to be able to turn on and off the unit at will allow you to enjoy the fireplace as much or as little as you want.