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Product Review: Coleman Round Fireplace 5068 Series

Fireplace Safety, Outdoor Fireplace

Fireplaces are becoming more and more of a novelty for everyone. Yet when you typically think of a fireplace I’m betting an in-door fireplace comes to mind first. However this Coleman Round Fireplace (model 5068 series) is an out-door patio fireplace. And better yet it is not just a fireplace to burn wood on and watch from your patio. Nope you can use this Coleman Round Fireplace to grill your hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, steak, and brats on as well! This Coleman Round Fireplace is a great multipurpose out-door use fireplace! Listed below are a few key pros and cons of this Coleman fireplace as well as a comprehensive review of specific features that this fireplace has.

This Coleman Round Fireplace (model 5068 series) has many great features. First of all and most importantly, this Coleman fireplace comes equipped with a grilling grate that you can place in the inside of the fireplace so you can do all your cooking and grilling on it. Secondly, this Coleman Round Fireplace has a wire caged screen around it so that it can hold wood and logs safely and you never have to worry about anything blowing away, falling out, or making a mess and starting something on fire. And if you prefer to use this fireplace without the wired cage, that’s fine too because it can easily be taken off. Lastly, another important feature of this Coleman Round Fireplace is that it has wheels on the bottom so that you can roll your fireplace and easily move it to different places and settings.

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When comparing out-door fireplaces there are a few specific features you want to make sure are included.
Stability & Durability – Most importantly you will want to make sure that your outdoor fireplace will not easily fall or tip over, even if it is bumped or slightly pushed.
Unfortunately Coleman’s Round Fireplace (model 5068 series) is not the sturdiest out-door fireplace. With the inclusion of wheels, this fireplace instantly becomes easier to tip over.
Portable – This option is really a luxury. If your fireplace is easily moveable you will probably be able to enjoy it more often. However it is important to make sure that stability is not given up to portability.
This Coleman Round Fireplace is a great option if you are looking for a portable fireplace. The wheels on the bottom allow for easy moving, however like I stated under stability & durability, this Coleman Round Fireplace does give up some of its stability because of its wheels.
Safety – Safety should really be the number one concern when choosing an out-door fireplace. No ifs ands or buts about it.
Coleman definitely produces on its safety features, as this round fireplace has an ever important caged screen that prevents any burning particles to fly away and catch fire on something, as well as preventing any small child from sticking their hand in the fire.
All in all, the biggest con I believe this Coleman Round Fireplace has is its lack of stability and durability from falling over.

This Coleman Round Fireplace (model 5068 series) can be purchased at numerous sporting goods stores. I bought my Coleman Round Fireplace at Fleet Farm for $99 on sale. However I had been spotting this Coleman fireplace for some time and was waiting for it to come on sale. I noticed that the average price at many places was around $120. If you are interested in buying this fireplace I highly recommend waiting until it comes on sale.

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Comprehensive Review and Important Features of the Coleman Round Fireplace (model 5068 series):
24 inch hinged cooking grate. With this cooking grate and some charcoal you can grill all your goodies on this Coleman Round Fireplace.
Protective Cover. With this cover you can easily close the top of the fireplace.
Wire Caged Screen. With this screen you can keep everything you want inside your fireplace and you never have to worry about burning particular blowing away.
Hinged Doors. Instead of reaching over the top of the fire, there is a set of hinged doors built into the wire caged screen. These doors easily open and close and have a latch to lock the doors as well. This door feature is great for roasting your campfire marshmallows!
Wheels. Attached wheels on the bottom of this Coleman fireplace make portability a breeze.
Weather Resistant Porcelainized Lid and Base. I have had my Coleman Round Fireplace for 2 years and it has been outside in the rain and snow since the day I bought it. Amazingly there still is no sign of rust or wearing on it!
7 Year Limited Warranty. I guess my 2 year old Coleman Round Fireplace is still pretty young in terms of this 7 year warranty. I’ll take it!

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
I give this Coleman Round Fireplace (model 5068 series) a rating of 4 out of 5. While this Coleman out-door fireplace is great in portability, safety, and looks, I am still a bit concerned about its stability and durability. With its 7 year warranty I am not afraid that this fireplace will fall apart, but rather I am concerned that it may fall over. However if you do not use it during strong winds or plan on bumping into it, then I would not consider its stability a problem. All in all the price and safety of this Coleman Round Fireplace is attractive enough to make it an overall good value buy!