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Avelox Antibiotic: Avelox Side Effects and Sinusitis Treatment

Antibiotic Resistance, Inner Ear Infection

The score is 6-4. No not sports, six pills swallowed and four more to take – Avelox antibiotic that is. Will I make it?

Avelox, a newer wonder drug for sinusitis and bronchitis, may lead to wonder for the need of a personal antibiotic coach – one to encourage you to finish the bottle. You may feel better or worse long before the typical 10-day Avelox course is finished.

Why Avelox?

Your doctor may prescribe the antibiotic Avelox (moxifloxacin) for sinusitis associated with bacterial infection and possibly for other conditions, such as bronchitis or pneumonia, for which Avelox is known to respond.

Avelox poses some advantages over other antibiotics. Among these includes once-a-day dosing and the ability to take it with or without food.

Avelox, generic name moxifloxacin, is a newer fourth-generation antibiotic belonging to the class known as quinolones, in this case fluoroquinolones based on its chemical structure. More popular antibiotics such as Levaquin and Cipro (an older quinolone) also fall into this category.

Avelox and Quinolone Antibiotics

Quinolones, especially newer ones, may destroy or inhibit a wide spectrum of harmful bacteria. When the bacteria causing sinusitis is unknown – making bacterial cultures a source of contention in the medical industry – a broad spectrum antibiotic may be prescribed. At other times it’s not practical to culture or another antibiotic fails, then Avelox may be prescribed.

Additionally, Avelox can penetrate tissues and cells beyond the reach of other antibiotics. Further, the increased demand for antibiotics such as Avelox are proportionate to the increase of penicillin antibiotic resistance.

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While Avelox may work on bacteria, when other drugs fail, antibiotic resistance to quinolones is a continued health care concern, and it can happen quite rapidly.

The bottom line is whether a patient is on Avelox or another antibiotic it needs to be taken as directed to minimize the chance of an antibiotic-resistant infection.

Avelox: Don’t Let Feeling Good Fool You

Avelox is said to sometimes promote a feeling of wellness rather quickly. For someone suffering from sinusitis this is good news. Yet, if you feel better on day three and have a typical 10-day course of Avelox, you may feel little motivation to continue the medicine to its end dose.

The motivation lies with the consequences for failure to do so. Remaining bacteria may not cause symptoms today, but reinfection is quite possible, if not likely. Worse, the next round of sinusitis or bronchitis may not respond as well to Avelox or other antibiotics.

Avelox Side-Effects: Sleepy, Dizzy, Headaches, and More

Like most medications, side-effects may occur with Avelox, but some of these may be unexpected.

Some Avelox side-effects resemble the original sinusitis or bronchitis symptoms. This is discouraging for the patient who may wonder if the antibiotic works.

Two potential Avelox side-effects worth noting are somnolence (sleepiness/drowsiness) and dizziness.

One of the primary symptoms of bacterial sinusitis is fatigue. If you need more sleep on Avelox it can feel as if the infection is worsening. Instead a temporary Avelox side-effect may be the cause as well as the body’s response to fighting the bacteria.

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Dizziness is not a particularly common side-effect with antibiotics either, but sometimes occurs with Avelox. If the dizziness wasn’t present before, the patient may fear a worsening infection or complication, such as inner ear infection.

Other potential Avelox side effects that may resemble illness include nausea and headache. Nervousness may also occur, so a new cold remedy with similar potential may be ill-advised in conjunction with Avelox treatment.

The pharmacist can provide a more comprehensive list of Avelox side effects or visit the associated medication Web sites below.

Avelox Precautions

Ensure that the physician is aware of all the medications you are taking, including over-the-counter drugs, such as Tums as these may impact how well Avelox works. Some medications and health conditions may necessitate that another antibiotic be prescribed.


Again it is important to discuss symptoms with the doctor. What may be an Avelox side-effect may seem like advanced illness and vice versa.

Avelox is a very useful weapon in the difficult battle against bacterial sinusitis and the once-a-day dosage is quite welcome. The payoff may be some undesirable side-effects, seen or not with other antibiotics.

Just remember that sinusitis can be difficult to eradicate. Sticking with the full course of Avelox, as directed, is important to prevent reinfection and antibiotic resistance.

Disclaimer: This consumer article is not intended to replace qualified medical advice.

For information on natural remedies for sinusitis, which may support traditional therapies such as Avelox, see, “Natural Remedies for Symptoms of Sinusitis,” by Crissy & Company.