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Age Discrimination


I would like to state that when I refer to the older generation in this paper it entails ages 40 and over. The laws were written to cover individual age Forty and over. The ages in the United Kingdom are ages fifty to sixty nine

When looking around it seems that the older generation is being phased out of the work force for the younger generation. There may be many reasons, to numerous to list unfortunately. There have been laws in acted to help prevent age discrimination, do the laws help? I would like to think so.

The United Kingdom has it share of age discrimination problems in the working world as well. The United Kingdom government has set forth laws and guide lines that are used for companies to use to eliminate age discrimination.

The other facet of age discrimination is out side of the employment world and entails day to day life. When trying to get health care or trying to continue ones education.

It’s a topic that is extremely interesting in that regardless of color or religion, we all will get older and eventually will be judged by our age.The Age Discrimination Employment Act

The bases of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act are noted on the web site Lawzilla.com as follows:

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 ( ADEA ) protects individuals who are 40 years of age or older from employment discrimination based on age. The ADEA ‘s protections apply to both employees and job applicants. Under the ADEA , it is unlawful to discriminate against a person because of his/her age with respect to any term, condition, or privilege of employment — including, but not limited to, hiring, firing, promotion, layoff, compensation, benefits, job assignments, and training.

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It is also unlawful to retaliate against an individual for opposing employment practices that discriminate based on age or for filing an age discrimination charge, testifying, or participating in any way in an investigation, proceeding, or litigation under the ADEA .

The ADEA applies to employers with 20 or more employees, including state and local governments. It also applies to employment agencies and to labor organizations, as well as to the federal government. (January 15, 1997)

The willingness to change and grow as one gets older will be beneficial to us all. That includes the older generation in the workforce. Fact is technology is changing at breakneck speed and employers are looking to streamline processes and become more profitable. The stigma that seems to come up with older employees is the unwillingness to change. Whether it be warranted or not it seems to be a natural attachment none the less.

I have seen employees with a few years left to retirement try to just coast and get by in the work environment. I have also seen employees at or past retirement age want to continue working for the love of the job. I think to stereo type the older generation is as extremely inaccurate and wrong. As we see in everyday life with race or religion, you cannot pigeon hole a group of people for the actions of a couple. Problems in United Kingdom

We tend to focus on what has happened in the United States, but clearly age discrimination can be found happening in other places as well. The United Kingdom government has put together a guide for use by companies. It the “Being Positive About Age Diversity At Work” practical guide. This guide would seem to be very beneficial because it talks about the approach needed to tend to the older work force as well the hiring process, promotional process and much more. Polls were taken and results are listed throughout the guide, such as:

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Around one in four people aged 50 to 69 have experienced age discrimination when working or looking for work. Around eight out of ten young people believe that are discrimination is wide spread. 36% of the workforce in Britain will be aged 45 or over by 2005. (2002)Age Discrimination

The Age Discrimination Act was written in 1975 and states the following as per The United States Health and Human Services:

The Age Discrimination Act of 1975 is a national law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of age in programs or activities receiving Federal financial assistance. The Age Discrimination Act applies to persons of all ages. It does not cover employment discrimination. (September 24, 2001)

I look around and can see how this law being instilled has helped people around me. Downsizing seems to be the theme these days, with companies. Coincidently the downsizing seem to happen to older employees that make more money, who have lacked the education to move to other companies but have been with the current company and by virtue of years in service and obtained a higher position. They federally funded education programs help with this matter in providing them the ability to return to school and get the needed education.

Medicare is another aspect is health care. Medicare has extended life for people that have needed assistance with medical cost. Rising health care costs have been a huge problem for the elderly. I couldn’t even imagine discrimination happening in this realm. With medical and prescription cost being so high any type illness could decimate a person’s retirement in a very short period of time.Conclusion Age discrimination is a widespread problem affecting not only the United States, as noted

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above, but other countries as well. The Government has instilled laws to help prevent Age discrimination from happening. It is up to the people and companies to a bid by it.

We all will age. Life will have many twists and turns and we will grow older. Our willingness to adapt to new situation in our work careers may help extend our time within companies. Look at the older generation at work as pots of knowledge and not just some old person that just isn’t as fast as you are, being respectful of their abilities and knowledge and not resentful.

In everyday life, Medicare issues along with many other health care issues come along. We need to pay attention to them. The decisions being made now will indeed affect us.


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