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A Snippet About Bangs – Different Bang Styles for Different Facial Shapes

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Making the decision to go with a hairstyle that includes bangs isn’t one to take lightly, especially if you haven’t worn bangs since childhood. Bangs can be breezy, whimsical, stylish, sultry, and even sophisticated. In short, bangs are versatile and fun.

There’s more to bangs than simply cutting the hair at the crown and letting it fall across the forehead. The straight-edged bangs of childhood have given way to a whole new crop of bang styles. Today’s hairstyles offer bang styles including wispy bangs, side swept bangs, choppy bangs, parted bangs, short bangs, long bangs, parted bangs, wavy bangs, and blunt bangs.

Bangs go well with a variety of hairstyles regardless of length. For example, long hairstyles can incorporate bangs which can soften the look and frame the face. Short hairstyles almost always feature bangs of some sort.

Face shapes play an important role in bang choice along with hair texture and the overall hairstyle. Professional hairstylists understand the effects each bang style has on the various face shapes and can assist in determining the best bang choice.

Straight bangs often appeal to those with larger foreheads because they soften and camouflage that particular feature. Straight bangs are typically simple with no angling or parting reminiscent of the schoolgirl look. While many women want to avoid this look at all costs, straight bangs often add the right amount of framing to the face.

An alternative to the straight bang cut is a wispy bang. Wispy bangs can soften a hairstyle and create a fantastic, less schoolgirlish look. For long wavy hairstyles, wispy bangs fit in better with the overall loose feel than straight bangs. Rectangular, oblong, and square-shaped faces look good with wispy bangs. These wisps add just a touch of bangs to the hairstyle and draw attention upwards away from prominent jaws.

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Round and heart-shaped faces lend themselves to a side-swept bang because the bang style evens out the face and adds interest. Side-swept bangs often add a sophisticated look to a hairstyle and look lovely in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, an up-do.

Choppy bangs are a fun choice often giving a wild or whimsical look to the hairstyle. These bangs look terrific on round, oval and heart shaped faces though they should be avoided on faces that feature a large forehead, prominent chin, or jaw.

Parted bangs can add a little spunk to hairstyles. By parting the bangs, a different look is achieved adding visual interest and variety. Parted bangs can be used with just about all bang types including short bangs, long bangs, choppy bangs, and wavy bangs. In addition, when growing out bangs, choosing a parted style is a terrific choice during the transition.

Short bangs can work with a variety of face shapes and hair lengths. Super-short cropped hairstyles cry out for short bangs, in fact, they demand short bangs. But even medium length hair can look good with a short bang.

Blunt bangs are similar to straight bangs however they are cut in a blunt manner and come down over the forehead. These bangs tend to sharpen features, so choose this style with the assistance of a professional hairstylist.

Adding bangs to a hairstyle isn’t just for little girls anymore. Bangs can dramatically highlight terrific facial features and camouflage flaws while adding flair and style.