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A Review of the Le Creuset Tea Kettle

Bed Bath and Beyond, Le Creuset, Williams Sonoma

If you are in the market for a new tea kettle, here are six reasons to consider the 1.7 quart Le Creuset whistling tea kettle.

First, it works great. It heats water fast and, importantly, the handle stays cool.

Second, it is sturdy and well made (of porcelain-enameled steel) and, therefore, ideal for daily use.

Third, it has a lovely whistle to alert you that the water is boiling and ready to make a soothing, steaming cup of tea. It is loud enough to be heard from outside the kitchen, but without the annoying screech of so many tea kettle whistles.

Fourth, it has a stylish, classic shape and is so beautiful you’ll want to leave it out as a permanent part of your kitchen decor. Based on my experience, it is a complement magnet that you will be proud to keep on display.

Fifth, it comes in an array of colors, one of which is sure to compliment your kitchen. Mine came from Williams-Sonoma and is available there in nine colors (two of which are only available on the Internet at www.williams-sonoma.com or from the Williams-Sonoma catalog). Even the colors have lovely names, including Citron, Lemongrass, Dijon, and Dune.

And, finally, given its combination of quality, functionality, and good looks, the Le Creuset tea kettle is a great value for the money.

In addition to Williams-Sonoma, the Le Creuset tea kettle is available at many other retailers. My quick search of the Internet identified numerous choices, including Cutlery and More (www.cutleryandmore.com), Bed, Bath and Beyond (www.bedbathandbeyond.com), and Amazon (www.amazon.com) to name just a few.

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Also, Le Creuset tea kettles come in a variety of sizes (ranging from 1.25 quarts to 1.8 quarts) and styles (including a 1.25 quart demi tea kettle, a 1.5 quart kettle with a halo handle, a graceful 1.6 quart Zen tea kettle, a contemporary-looking 1.7 quart Ogive tea kettle, and a 1.8 quart whistling tea kettle). Also, my Internet search resulted in a more extensive range of color choices (at least 15), depending on the style and size of kettle chosen and the retailer.

Once you’ve purchased your new tea kettle, you’re ready to treat yourself to a nice pot of tea. To make perfect hot tea, keep in mind the following. Use only the best quality tea and pure, fresh water (filtered if necessary). Be sure to use the right temperature of water (boiling for black tea and lower temperatures for milder teas, like green tea or oolong tea). And, finally, let the tea steep at least three to five minutes for black tea or green tea in order to derive the most flavor from the tea leaves.


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