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4th of July: Patriotic Crafts for Children

Fabric Paint, Patriotic Crafts

Patriotism is the love or devotion to one’s country and for the United States it also stand for freedom. In the United States we celebrate Independence Day that is commonly known as 4th of July. Many people celebrate 4th of July by going to carnivals, parades, barbecues and picnics and enjoying great fireworks at dusk. No matter what you are doing for 4th of July, you can keep the children occupied with patriotic crafts to celebrate the day. Here are some craft ideas that will put a smile on any child’s face during a 4th of July event. Let the children feel the 4th of July patriotic spirit.

4th of July Patriotic T-Shirt

What you will need:

Plain white t-shirts (cotton or poly/cotton blends)
Fabric Paint: Basic Brush-on colors
Fabric Paint Metallic: Red and Blue
Fabric Paint Glitter: Red and Blue
Fabric Paint Dimensional: Red and Blue

When the children arrive to the barbecue or picnic, you can have them make their own patriotic t-shirt for the day’s patriotic activities. FolkArt Brand fabric paints have a great selection of fabric paint for the t-shirts. They have very vibrant colors, and when they dry they feel very soft. They come in your basic brush-on colors, metallic, glitter, and a dimensional fabric paint that has a writer tip to write words on the t-shirt. The children will love creating their own patriotic t-shirt for Independence Day. You can purchase FolkArt Brand paint at Michaels Craft Stores or any other craft store that is available in your area.

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4th of July Patriotic Sun Visor

What you will need:

Foam sun visors
Patriotic foam shapes (self-adhesive)
Patriotic stickers
Red and blue glitter glue

While the t-shirts are drying, have the children make a patriotic sun visor. This will be perfect outside in the hot sun. They will really love this. Michaels Crafts Store has some great foam visors made by Creatology Brand or you can purchase foam visors at any craft store near you. Choose colors of red, white and blue. You can decorate these very easily by using patriotic foam shapes (self-adhesive kind), patriotic stickers, and red and blue glitter glue, which are also sold in craft stores. Let the children create their own patriotic design.

4th of July Patriotic Foam Frames

What you will need:

Foam frames
Patriotic foam shapes (self-adhesive)
Patriotic stickers
Red and blue glitter glue

This is another great patriotic craft that the children can do. Have them decorate a foam frame with the same concept as the sun visor. You can use patriotic foam shapes, patriotic stickers, and glitter glue. You can find foam frames and all the items for this project at any craft store.

4th of July Patriotic Fashion show and Photo Shoot

It is time to have the children put on a fashion show and photo shoot. Have the children put on their dried 4th of July patriotic t-shirts and their visors. Have them parade around the backyard, park or wherever you are holding your 4th of July event for everyone to see. Take a digital photo of each one of them. When the children are done with their parade, print the photos on paper and adhere them to the inside of the foam frame. The best product to use is double sided permanent tape. This is a great keepsake and memory that they will be able to bring home to remember their 4th of July patriotic fun filled day.

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Decorate your own 4th of July Patriotic Cupcakes

What you will need:

Prepared cupcakes
3 Tubs of frosting
Red and blue food coloring
Butter knives to decorate with

Children love decorating their own cupcakes. This makes the 4th of July dessert very easy for you. All you have to do is make some cupcakes and buy frosting and decorating items. My favorite cake mix is Pillsbury. Purchase three white frostings and add red food coloring to one tub and blue coloring to another tub. This will give you all the patriotic colors for the cupcakes. Purchase any decorating items like sprinkles that are red or blue. They will have so much fun decorating their own cupcake and will enjoy eating it too.

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