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15 Uses for Baby Food Jars

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If you are a parent of an infant, than you probably know how many baby food jars you go through in just a week. Why not learn some ways to use those empty food jars instead of just throwing them away. You may be surprised at all the different uses for baby jars that you may have never though about.

Here are 15 uses for baby food jars.

1. Candle votive holders. Just wash out the baby food jars and decorate them with glitter or rhinestones and place your votive candles in them.

2. Store our loose dried herbs in them. If you like to buy in bulk, place portions of your dried herbs in the baby food jars.

3. Homemade preserves that you make can be stored in empty baby food jars. If you don’t make preserves at your home, but know someone who does, ask them if they would like the baby food jars.

4. Baby food jars can be made into an inexpensive mosquito repellent. Place a small citronella candle in the jar and place them around your backyard. Small citronella candles are cheaper than buying large ones or ones that are already in jars.

5. Store office supplies in the baby food jars. Such items as paperclips, rubber bands, and thumbtacks fit perfectly into the jars and you don’t have to worry about the small office supplies getting lost or being disorganized.

6. Give a couple of the baby food jars to your husband and have him store his nails, washers and screws in them. There are plenty of small tools and supplies that can be stored in baby food jars.

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7. Save them for Christmas time and make snow globes out of them.

8. Make your baby food jars into sand paperweights. Buy some colored sand and fill the jars with the sand and secure the lid on.

9. Place some potpourri in the baby food jars and set them out in your bathroom counter. Leave the lid off and tie a ribbon around the jar for decoration.

10. Look around for places to donate the baby food jars to. Girl scout troops, daycares and schools sometimes use the baby food jars for craft projects and to store things in.

11. Store your crafting supplies in them if you have such craft items as beads or other small items.

12. Melt down some broken crayons to make your own candles out of the baby food jars. Place a wick in the middle of the melted crayons so that you can easily light the candles.

13. Take a chance and try to sell a bunch of your empty baby food jars on EBay. There are many people who may buy them so that they can do crafts with them. Just don’t make them more expensive than what the baby food costs.

14. Place an empty baby food jar in your car console and keep your spare change in it for fast food orders, tolls, and other times you will need some change.

15. Store your child’s paints in the empty baby food jars. This way when your child is done painting you can just put the lid back on the jar and store them away.

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