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The Better Scented Candle: Yankee Candles Versus Partylite Candles

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In recent years, candles have become a booming business. People use them to scent their homes, as decorations, and even as aromatherapy. Two of the best known and most expensive candle companies are Yankee and Partylite.

Partylite sellers are best known for coming to your home and selling their products at candle parties similar to a Tupperware or Mary Kay party. A consultant will demonstrate many of the company’s candles and candle related items such as holders, wick trimmers, lanterns, chandeliers, and the like. The party’s host receives free and/or discounted products based on the number of attendees and the amount of sales that result from her party.

Yankee candles are sold in retail stores, usually in malls. A select few businesses other than Yankee Candle stores, including Cracker Barrel and Bed Bath & Beyond, also carry a limited number of Yankee brand candles. Yankee candle stores carry not only candles, but candle holders, lanterns, wick trimmers, car air fresheners, and other related items.

Both of these companies carry candles in a variety of scents. Yankee has many more scents than Partylite, and the selection changes with every season. In addition to the standards, Yankee Candle carries very unique scents such as Iced Tea, Green Grass, and Sunwashed Linen. Partylite’s scents tend toward the more traditional favorites such as vanilla, cinnamon, and fruit scents.

Both companies also offer candles in many different shapes and sizes. Traditional jar candles, pillar candles, and votives are generally available in each of the scents the company carries. I have noticed that Partylite’s most unique shapes and sizes are offered in only a limited selection of scents. Shoppers who wish to purchase tea lights from Partylight are much more limited in their scent selection than that of Yankee Candle; Yankee’s tea lights are much more varied in their available scents. Round or extremely large candles (such as three-wick candles) are even more limited. Yankee Candle does not offer all of its scents in these unusually shaped candles, but they do have a better selection than Partylite.

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Most important to me is how evenly a candle burns and how well its scent permeates my home. Both Yankee candles and Partylite candles have strong aromas that can easily be detected without being overpowering. I can light votive candles or tea lights in several different rooms of my home simultaneously and have my entire house smelling wonderful. Or, one large jar candle in a central location can easily fill my entire first floor. I have been happy with the scents of both companies’ candles. I have noticed, however, that Yankee candles seem to burn more evenly than those from Partylite. My Yankee jar candles and votives usually burn evenly around until all the wax is used up, while many of my Partylite candles burn down the middle, leaving a good deal of wax wasted. I have also had the problem of wicks disappearing or falling out of Partylite candles, particularly in votives. In a votive candle, the wick is generally anchored at the bottom of the candle by a metal disk that holds it in place. In Yankee candles, the metal disk is sealed in place with wax from the candle. My Partylite votive candles have not had any wax covering the disk, causing it to fall out the bottom of the candle taking the wick along with it. From what I understand, the purpose of this is to allow the user to remove the wick and reinsert it from the pointed end of the votive to allow the candle to fit more easily in some holders. This just appears to cause problems, in my opinion. The vast majority of votive holders are designed to hold the flat end of the candle, not the pointed end. I did try burning the votive in this “upside down” fashion, and it burned so unevenly I ended up wasting more wax than was used.

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Candles from both Yankee Candle and Partylite are rather expensive. I think Yankee candles are a better deal. Not only are they slightly cheaper, but you can purchase them at a store rather than having to pay shipping to purchase them through a consultant. As explained above, Yankee candles also burn more evenly, cutting down on wasted wax and wasted money. Yankee’s holders and accessories are also, from my experience, much more affordable than those from Partylite. Candles from either company are definitely better than cheap, generic candles for strong scent and even burning, but if given the option I will definitely go with Yankee Candle from now on.