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11 Purr-fect Gift Ideas for ThunderCat Fans

Action Figures


Whether it’s for Christmas, their birthday, or any other special occasion, get the ThuderCat fan in your life a gift they will love. Give your ThunderCat lover one of these purr-fect gifts.

Thunder Cat Action figures

Thunder Cat action figures aren’t just for children. Adults love them too. You can purchase any of the characters from the animated series. You can even choose from the ones modeled after the new ThunderCats or the older versions from the 1980s. The ThunderCat action figures also come with several additional pieces. For instance, Lion-O comes with The Sword of Omens and a Claw Shield. ThunderCat collectible action figures can be purchased at Amazon.com. or ToysRus.com. These collectible action figures start at $5.95 and go up to $29.95.

ThunderCat Nintendo DS game

If the ThunderCat lover on your list loves to play Nintendo, then let them combine their two favorite things. Purchase the ThunderCats on Nintendo DS. This game is action packed just like the cartoon series. Prices range from $26.46 to $43.99. The Nintendo game can be purchased at Nintendo.com, Amazon.com, Gamestop.com, Target, and Wal-Mart.

ThunderCat T-shirts

ThunderCat t-shirts make the purr-fect gift. There are several different designs to choose from, and these t-shirts can be worn all year long. Simply add a long sleeve shirt underneath. You can grab one of these ThunderCat shirts at Amazon.com, Zazzle.com, 80stees.com or Animationshops.com. Prices for ThunderCat t-shirts range from $12.95 to $28.75.

ThunderCat Hooded Jacket

Help your ThunderCat fan show their ThunderCat pride and stay warm. Give them a hooded sweatshirt with the ThunderCat logo on the front. You can choose between a jacket with a zip front and drawstring hood or a pullover with a drawstring hood. The jacket has two front pockets and side trim. This hoodie can be purchased at Amazon Marketplace.com. This ThunderCat jacket begins at $44.99 and goes up to around $59.98.

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ThunderCat DVDs

ThunderCat fans love to watch the ThunderCats. Let them watch their favorite episodes over and over again. Give them these action packed ThunderCat DVDs. You can choose between the original ThunderCats or the newer version. Either way, your ThunderCat fanatic is bound to love them. These DVDs cost around $6.99 for the 1980s versions and $15.99 for the newer version. ThuderCat DVDs can be purchased from Amazon.com, Warner Bros.com, Toys”R”Us, or Wal-mart. These ThunderCat DVDs promise to give your ThunderCat hours of relaxing fun.

Eye of Thundera Necklace

Let your ThunderCat fan show off his own “pride” with an Eye of Thundera Necklace. This necklace guaranteed to turn heads. It round, stylish necklace is red with a silver slit in the middle just like the eye of Thundera. The chain is 18 inches long. It can be purchased from Cafepress.com at $20.00.

Sword of Omens

Your ThunderCat lover can feel the power of the ThunderCats with Lion-O’s unbeatable Sword of Omens. The Sword of Omens can be purchased at Amazon.com for $5.99 and ranging to $35.14.

ThunderCat Caps

If your ThunderCat fan likes to wear caps, then you can give them either a knit beanie ThunderCat cap or a baseball style one. These are sold at Amazon.com, and they range in price from $14.95 to $18.98 depending on style. These caps are comfortable and durable. They are also a great way to “roar” with ThunderCat pride.

ThunderCat, Snarf, or Cheetara IPhone slider case

IPhones are all the rage. Chances are that your ThunderCat fan has one. Let your ThunderCat fantastic protect their phone while displaying their love for Third Earth’s humanoids. ThunderCat IPhone slider cases can be found at Cafepress.com. You can choose between three different designs and three different colors. These sliders cost $24.99.

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ThunderCat Pajamas

Help your ThunderCat lover dream sweet dreams with a cute pair of ThunderCat pajamas. These PJ’s are 100% cotton. The shirts have ThunderCat written across them while the bottoms are plaid. You can choose from black and white plaid or pink and white plaid. They cost $44.50, and they are sold at Cafepress.com.

ThunderCat wallet

The ThunderCat gang can now protect your fan’s money. Get your ThunderCat fan a cute and sturdy wallet. These black wallets have the ThunderCat’s cat on the front and the inside has red stitching. The wallets cost $20.00 at 80stees.com.

Don’t give your favorite ThunderCat fan another gift card. Get them something unique and purr-fect.