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You Shouldn’t Have Facial Piercings at Work!

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As a FedEx driver I meet all kinds of interesting people. The other day while delivering a package to a well known national retail business. In this particular one in HickoryNC I encountered a girl working there wearing a nose ring.

Now I admit I think nose rings are tacky and ugly. But I support people’s rights to do whatever or wear whatever on their own time. But I don’t think people should wear facial piercings at work. Especially if it’s a job where they represent their company to the public.

A business needs to appeal to their customer group. And I think that letting someone wear tasteless facial piercings at work sets a bad precedent. I for one won’t shop there just because they are PC enough to let their employees do whatever they want to do. I just don’t care to see a piece of snotty looking metal hanging out of a person’s nose that is ringing up my purchases. It looks nasty and they look nasty.

In doing some research for this article I discovered several blogs where people were bitching about various companies that don’t allow facial piercings. Well if you don’t like a company’s dress code, don’t apply for the job. A business has every right to say what they will allow their employees to wear. One blog had a young lady who was upset that a company restricted piercings. She then jumped up and left when their orientation video mentioned drug testing. To some people (maybe most) a person with multiple piercings looks like a druggie. Yup I know that is not always the case but that is the perception it gives off in some cases. And perception is key in a business, in particular a retail business where the employees are seen by lots of people.

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I know McDonalds and Petsmart both restrict jewelry and piercings. I think I will go get a Big Mac and then drive over and by my cat some cat chow at Petsmart. It just bothers me that someone would even want to wear that crap at work.

Now as I said if somebody wants to wear a hoop in their nose or their eyebrow or whatever on their own time, have at it and enjoy yourself. I don’t have to look at them. If they are working retail then I DO have to look at them. I sure as hell don’t want somebody cooking my food that has piercings hanging out of their nose. It just looks so nasty that my perception is of germs flowing freely down their face to drop into my food!

I hope I didn’t offend any pierced people, but I won’t lose any sleep over it. Just like that pierced wench won’t lose any sleep over grossing out people at her job. I did consider complaining to the manager there, but then again it’s none of my business. I will just take my business somewhere else. Thanks for reading this and other articles at associatedcontent.com.

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