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World Series Trivia Quiz

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Baseball is called “America’s Pastime.” The World Series is known as the “Fall Classic.” How much do you know about baseball’s championship? Take this World Series Trivia Quiz and find out.

1. The Boston Red won the 2004 and 2007 World Series championships, after last winning a championship in 1918-86 years before the 2004 Fall Classic. What team won the Series in 2005, 88 years after its last championship in 1917?

a. The Chicago Cubs
b. The Cleveland Indians
c. The Philadelphia Phillies
d. The Chicago White Sox

2. In what year was the World Series cancelled after an August player’s strike?

a. 1990
b. 1994
c. 1995
d. 1996

3. In 1903 how much did each member of the Pittsburgh Pirates receive after winning the World Series?

a. $1,182
b. $500
c. $5,000
d. $10,000

4. Here’s a challenging piece of World Series trivia. Who won the first World Series?

a. The Chicago Cubs
b. The Boston Pilgrims
c. The Cleveland Indians
d. The New York Yankees

5. The New York Yankees have won more World Series championships than any other team. How many Series titles have the Bronx Bombers won?

a. 26
b. 30
c. 19
d. 9

6. In what year was game three of the World Series between Oakland and San Francisco cancelled because of an earthquake?

a. 1989
b. 1990
c. 2000
d. 1960

7. Who has hit the most home runs for a career in the World Series?

a. Sammy Sosa
b. Babe Ruth
c. Mickey Mantle
d. Reggie Jackson

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8. Who hit five home runs in the 1977 World Series?

a. Reggie Jackson
b. Mickey Mantle
c. Bo Jackson
d. Johnny Bench

9. Who never played in a World Series?

a. Pete Rose
b. Hank Aaron
c. Ernie Banks
d. Ted Williams

10. These pitchers are brothers and have both pitched in and won World Series games. Who are they?

a. Frank and Nolan Ryan
b. Dizzy and Daffy Dean
c. Andy and Sandy Koufax
d. Don and Sam Larsen

11. Do you know this bit of World Series trivia? Who was the first American President to throw out a pitch in the Series?

a. Teddy Roosevelt
b. Franklin Roosevelt
c. Calvin Coolidge
d. Woodrow Wilson

12. Next to the New York Yankees who has won the most World Series championships?

a. The Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers
b. The Pittsburgh Pirates
c. The St. Louis Cardinals
d. The Boston Red Sox

13. What year did the Chicago Cubs last win the World Series?

a. 1940
b. 1908
c. 1906
d. 1907

14. What team won the World Series in 2001, in only its third year in existence?

a. The Florida Marlins
b. The Arizona Diamondbacks

15. Who was walked the most times during in World Series-a total of 13 times?

a. Babe Ruth
b. Mickey Mantle
c. Reggie Jackson
d. Barry Bonds


1. d
2. b
3. a
4. b-in 1903, the Pilgrims won, defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates in 9 games.
5. a
6. a
7. c
8. a
9. c
10. b
11. d
12. c
13. b-after also winning in 1907, thus becoming the first team to win two years in a row.
14. b
15. d–in 2002

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