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Woods to Use with Callaway X18 Irons

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The Callaway X-18 irons are part of the X-series introduced by Callaway in 1997. The X-series introduces new irons every two years and in 2006 the new advanced X-series irons produced the X-18 irons. Since the only golf clubs that come with the X-18’s are the 2-iron through lob wedge and the woods are chosen separately. Choosing the woods that play with the X-18 irons depends on the golfers desire and skill level. The woods include the driver and fairway woods.


The driver is the club used off the tee for driving the golf ball as far as possible. Callaway has five new drivers that can be used with the X-18 irons at the time of this publication. The Razr Hawk, FT-iZ, FT Tour, Diablo Octane and Limited Edition Diablo Octane Black Tour Driver make up the selection of drivers that can be used with the X-18 iron set. Since the X-18 were developed for use by experienced and recreational golfers, the driver selection will depend on the experience of the golfer.

Fairway Woods

Most of the fairway woods used with the X-18 irons are the 3-wood and 5-wood which come in different lofts and lengths, but Callaway also has other woods available with different lofts and lengths. Similar to the drivers, the fairway woods selected for use with the irons depend on the skill level of the golfer. The new fairway woods available from Callaway, as of the time of this publication, are the Diablo Octane, Ft-iZ and Razr Hawk fairway woods. The Diablo Octane fairway woods come in the 3-, 4-, 5-, 7- and 9-wood, with lofts ranging from 15 degrees to 24 degrees. The two other new woods available from Callaway have similar selections available.

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Classic Woods

Classic woods from Callaway are also available for use with the X-18 irons. Callaway has more than 50 different drivers available and 25 different fairway woods. Each new wood had advanced technology designed into the clubs, but golfers have different swings which make it possible for an classic wood to work better for a particular golfer. Some classic woods, such as the Big Bertha line of woods, work better for some golfers, while the newer clubs work better for other golfers.

Custom Fitting

It does not matter whether you are a beginning golfer or experienced golfer when it comes to getting custom fit for clubs. Callaway provides its customers with custom fitting with a host of Callaway Performance Centers located around the country. Callaway states that it has more than 1,800 custom fitting facilities located at golf courses and retail stores all over the nation. Getting custom fit for golf clubs can be the best way to determine which woods to use with X-18 irons. The fitting will help you decide what club model works for your swing and what specifications are required on the club to help you make better shots on the golf course.