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Wireless Broadband in Rural Areas is Now Possible with USB Wireless Modems

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HighSpeed Internet for rural America

My search for a Highspeed Internet connection was an exhausting one. After hearing the dreadful news from the local phone and cable companies that highspeed Internet would most likely NEVER be available in my area I was determined to find a solution. Satellite was not an option because of it’s high latency and huge price tag. Our family enjoys playing online games ,World of Warcraft is our current favorite multiplayer game but satellite and gaming just do not mix. I had been on every Highspeed Internet waiting list available and it was frustrating me. I have tried every so-called Highspeed dialup service available and they were all the same ,SLOW!

How can I get highspeed internet on my cell phone but not on my home computer?
It made no sense! That is when I starting looking into highspeed wireless broadband. I called every local wireless service provider in my area and they all said the same thing, I was too far away from their towers. I knew that the internet was available on cell phones but I had no idea that they just came out with a new USB card for your home computer as well untill I did my own research online. This new Highspeed wireless broadband service uses no cables, cords or satellite dishes just a simple card that goes into an open USB port in your computer, just like a dialup modem does.

Where can I get Wireless Broadband for my home?

Sprint Wireless
Call 1-800-213-5431
My first try was Sprint, they had a pc and laptop card available but the sprint service in my area was only “fair” which means my connection speeds would not be as fast as in town speeds( but still faster than dialup).

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AT&T; Wireless
Call 1-800-288-2020
Next I called AT&T;/Cingular . Cingular had the best coverage in my area but they did not sell a pc card yet just a laptop one. I needed a wireless broadband USB pc card!
The helpful AT&T; customer service rep checked other services in my area and found that Verizon Wireless had the next best coverage and they sold the pc Card, great! I signed up for the unlimited data usage plan which was $59.99 a month ( more than dialup but less than satellite). They were running a special on the broadband card so I got it for $69.99 which was a one time price I was willing to pay to stop dialing in.

Verizon Wireless
Call 1-800-256-4646
This is the service I selected

Nextel Wireless
Call 1-800-777-4681
I believe Sprint and nextel have teamed up to provide wireless broadband but just incase I have provided their contact number.

1) I recommend calling these providers instead of using their websites. Calling them will ensure you get the right broadband card for your pc or laptop and it will also make sure coverage is available where you live.
2) Make sure to ask for Wireless Broadband Internet for your PC or Laptop( whichever you prefer) so the customer service rep won’t get it confused with DSL.
3) If you order this service most of them have a 1 – 2 year service agreement so make sure you take avantage of the return policy if it’s not working for you. Mine came with a 14 day return policy just incase something didn’t work out for me.

I have been waiting years for this new innovative wireless technology. Now rural America has a choice between Highspeed Internet Service Providers, no more will we have to pay high satellite prices or live with slow dialup connections. These services may not be available in your area but to better your chances check with all of the highspeed wireless providers mentioned above and soon you may be throwing away your dialup modem too:)

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