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Whipped Foundations – What Are the Disadvantages?

Too Much Makeup

One of the main disadvantages to wearing foundation that is whipped is the fact that when it is applied it looks as if you are wearing a lot of foundation when you are not. It does not matter how much you use whipped foundations do not rub into the skin as well as paste or liquid foundations. When using a whipped foundation, you generally will put on other makeup on top of it. When using a whipped foundation, it can look as if you are wearing too much makeup when in reality you are not. Pastes and liquids, when used as foundations, will rub into the skin better and therefore will not look like other makeup when you apply the top layer to it.

Dry Skin

Generally people that have used whipped foundations tend to have more skin problems that when using paste or liquid. One of the things that women have complained about when using a whipped foundation are outbreaks on the skin. This is generally true when women have dry skin. Another complaint when using whipped foundations is that women who have dry skin the foundation tends to come off easier. When the foundation starts to come off then all the other make-up will start to come off with it.

Hard to remove

Foundations that are whipped are harder to remove as well. It takes more time and energy to remove the whipped foundation. Generally foundations that are made of liquid or paste come off easier. Also whipped foundation tends to not blend in with the skin as well if you have oily skin. Because of this the top layer will not look as good when it is applied.

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Not waterproof

Whipped foundations tend not to be waterproof as well. It does not look good when the foundation starts to come off, as all the other make-up will not hold. If the foundation holds than the other make-up will look better when it is applied. If the foundation is not waterproof it does not matter if the other make-up is waterproof it will still look messy and bad.