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Which Ladies Razor is Best?

What is common between legs, underarms, and bikini lines? Hair! Guys hate prickly cactus legs and we hate hearing about it. I know I hate it when I get into bed at night in just my panties and have that feeling of spikes from one leg rubbing against the other. Oh and wearing bathing suits is so embarrassing when you have to worry about your razor burn showing or little hairs sticking out. And its even worse when you go out in a cute and sexy little strapless top and you have hair in your arm pits. Ewww! So the solution would be…well…get a good razor, right?

Well now we have another question…which razor is the best? How many blades should I use? Oh and is there any truth to what people say about guys razors being better than girls? Well I have tried a different razor each month for the past 4 months and I’m here to let you all know exactly what I think. I got the specifications on each off of my favorite website in the world…drugstore.com. I hope this will help you in your search for a good, reliable shaving device. Each of these razors is $9.99 on the website.

First I will examine the Men’s Gillette Mach3 Turbo. This 3 bladed razor was great at first. It was comfortable for the first couple of shaves and seemed to leave no prickles even when I would rub my leg against the way it grew. However, after about 5 days of shaving my legs the razor was already going dull and starting to be uncomfortable to shave with. It is equipped with anti-friction blades for less irritation, soft microfins that smooth down the hair so the razor can shave evenly. It also has an indicator that fades from blue to white when it needs changing. I found this indicator to be off. I could definitely feel the difference when shaving with a dull blade as opposed to a new one yet the indicator was still blue. This razor is technically a men’s razor and as that myth goes they are supposed to be better but so far I wasn’t impressed. The refill packs are also very pricey for this razor.

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Next onto the Schick Quattro for women. This one lasted much longer per new blade than the last one. It gave me a great shave and offered something to keep my boyfriend away in the form of being pink! Sometimes I feel like certain razors leave my skin feeling very dry. The whole time I used it I just assumed it was something different that I was doing until I read the specs. It has 2 conditioning strips that release aloe and vitamin e! It also comes with a cute shower hanger and has 4 blades! Most razors only come with 2. The extra blades are also fairly priced at 4 for $9.99. This razor definitely impressed me. I would definitely recommend it.

How do we feel about those vibrating razors and do they even really make a difference? The next razor I’m reviewing is the Men’s Gillette Fusion. This one has 5 blades!!! This is supposed to help reduce pressure to stop irritation. Now I don’t think any of us ladies are going to be shaving our faces but this certainly doesn’t hurt when it comes to our legs and especially our bikini areas. It also has a precision trimmer on the back to help with those pesky sideburns and under the nose ; ) This razor also has one of the indicator strips to show when it needs a change. And let’s not forget it vibrates. Al though this is cool and interesting conversations piece it doesn’t seem to make a different. This may be because I didn’t use it for what it’s made for but my legs felt the same either way. The blades also lasted a really long time. I would also recommend this razor for anyone!

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We know when we hear that annoying song by Jewel about intuition that there is a razor commercial on. This is the razor that has soap surrounding it and allows you to be free to not use soap or shaving cream. This razor was interesting and a cool concept but did not shave well. I also noticed a bunch of little dots developing on my leg and went to the dermatologist to figure out what the heck was going on. Apparently this soap is a breeding ground for bacteria and it is common to have unnoticeable cuts. When I would have this happen the bacteria on the soap would go into my skin and cause big issues. Yuck huh? Although this is a cool razor and you don’t need soap it just isn’t worth it. I had to wear pants until they went away. I would never recommend this razor!

All in all I believe it depends on the razor. Out of the four I would definitely recommend the Fusion and the Quattro. I recommend that you shave as often as needed based on the thickness of your hair.