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Where to Order Cajun Food on the Internet

Cajun Food, Pralines, Turkey Fryer

When you are craving great Cajun food, you no longer have to go the Bayou State to get it. I have searched for the best places to get real Cajun food online and here they are.

Cajun Grocer is a great place to find a taste of the Cajun lifestyle. If you want to order some authentic food from the Bayou country, this is the place to look. They specialize in fresh Gulf shrimp, fresh gumbo, stuffed breads, alligator, jambalaya, boudin, crawfish etoufee and live crawfish in season. Their fresh Cajun food products are shipped in dry ice to ensure they arrive fresh to you. Cajun Grocer offers 5 varieties of Cajun Turduckens and even have Quaducant which is quail, duck and pheasant all in one. They will be glad to help you with your selection for corporate gifts. Food is not the only offering of Cajun Grocer. There is a large variety of spices and seasonings, sauces and marinades, prepared mixes, rice and beans and coffee and tea. They also offer authentic Cajun music and merchandise. One of the best features of Cajun Grocer is the Cajun Recipes which were developed by Marcelle Bienvenu and spotlighted on her blog on the website.

Simply Cajun, A Taste of Louisiana serves up more than great Cajun specialties. They give you a large dose of Cajun hospitality and pride themselves on excellent customer service. Their products include Gift Baskets, Pralines, Pecan Candy, Pecans, Cracklins, Pickled Products, world famous King Cakes, Seasonings, Rices and Mixes and Sauces and Marinades. The site offers free shopping on four of their bestselling products which are their King Cakes, NutMix, Cracklins ($79.99 for a 5 lb. bag), and Pralines. Free recipes are provided for some of your Cajun favorites so check them out.

Cajun Shop is another great site for anything Cajun. Cajun Shop has been in business for over 25 years supplying a varity of specialty products to customers over the years. They carry a wide range of Cajun and Creole foods, seasonings and spices, and snacks and desserts. Cajun Shop also offers a special selection of gourmet Cajun gift baskets, Louisiana cook books, cookware, Cajun music, and famous New Orleans Pat O’Brien’s Drink Mixes. You can also get an authentic Mardi Gras King Cake here. They ship perishable items by standard overnight service to ensure its freshness upon delivery to you. Their bestsellers include Cajun Turducken for $129.00; Turducken Roll at $59.00; Louisiana Boudins and Cajun Sausages for $69.00; 30lb Live Crawfish Feast for $174.95 (in season only) or a pot of Louisiana Cajun Gumbo for $59.00. You can’t miss out on the New Orleans Creole Pralines Gift Box sure to melt in your mouth with sweetness for $19.99. Cajun Shop offers authentic recipes on their site, and also processes wholesale orders.

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Cajun Food and Gifts offers some of the best buys on the internet for prepared Cajun Food. You can order 2 lbs. of Creole Jambalaya or Shrimp Gumbo for $12.95; a 15 lb. Turducken with Shrimp and Crawfish Jambalaya for $69.99 or 24 oz. Cajun Stuffed Pork Chops for $12.99. They ship perishable foods via Overnight or two day air delivery on Monday – Wednesday, but do not ship for delivery on the weekend or Mondays. There is a 5 lb. minimum for shipping perishable food, and it all includes a reusable ice chest in the price. They also have great gift baskets and individual Cajun apparel, mugs, and magnets. If you are looking for a Cajun cookbook, chances are that you will find it in the ones available on this site. The list reads like a Who’s Who of Cajun cookbooks. You’ll find a good selection of Cajun music also. All of the recipes on the website are free to download and try. Dry food and spices and mixes are also sold online. Visa, Mastercard or American Express are accepted for online orders.

Cajun Brands is the place to go if you are looking for the Cajun Food to cook and the pot to cook it in. They offer a wide variety of cookware including stockpots, steamers, and a Bayou Classic 30 Quart Turkey Fryer with Basket and Fry Pot for $96.00. They carry fresh Cajun and Creole foods, including live or boiled crawfish in season, shrimp, sausages, boudin, sausage, gumbo, stuffed bread, soups, Etouffe, Jambalaya and pork. Cajun Sauces and Marinades and Cajun candies are plentiful. One of the most unique offerings is their stuffed alligator heads starting at $15.00. Cajun Brands accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal. They ship fresh foods UPS next day or 2nd day.

Louisiana Lagniappe – Your Source for Louisiana Products offers Cajun Gift Baskets filled with Cajun food mixes, Cajun spices, Cajun sweets, Creole coffee and beignets, Cajun snacks, and Louisiana Pecans. They also offer Louisiana citrus fruit in season. Lagniappe is translated as a “little something extra” and, in this case, the something extra that you get on this website is everything you need to cook your authentic Cajun recipes. One of the most intriguing products they offer is Bacon Salt. If you’ve never heard of it, Bacon Salt smells and tastes like bacon, but contains zero calorie, zero fat, is vegetarian and kosher-certified. You can get a combination package of the three flavors of Bacon Salt (Original, Hickory, and Peppered) in 2.5 oz. plastic bottles for $14.35. They sell two different brands of outdoor cookers for both turkey frying and stock pots along with all the accessories needed to make your meal complete. Louisiana Lagniappe takes Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

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Cajun Supermarket is an excellent source for Cajun and Creole foods and seasonings. The offer frozen seafood including crabs, crawfish, fish, oysters, and shrimp in season. Frozen meat and poultry is also offered including seven different Turducken products beginning at $29.99 for a Tony Chachere’s Turducken Roll to $65.99 for a 15 lb. Tony Cachere’s Turducken with Creole Seafood Dressing. They also offer a selection of Tony Chachere’s sausages and Boudin beginning at $5.99. If you are looking for authentic Cajun condiments, the Cajun Supermarket carries Steen’s 100% Pure Cane Syrup, Zatarain’s Creole Mustard, Just Wilson’s Louisiana Bold Steak Sauce and Blue Plate Real Mayonnaise. They carry the Chef Paul Prudhomme’s brand of seasonings also. Gift Baskets and Gift Sets are available, as well as cookbooks. Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, eCheck, PayPal, and Good Checkout. Shipping is available for international and APO orders.

Louisiana Gourmet Shipper is website that ships Louisiana gourmet and Cajun foods for local businesses. Through their portal, customers may order from Chris’ Specialty Meats, Frank’s Smokehouse, Mimi’s Pralines, The Cake Palace, and LGS Gift Baskets. From Chris’ Specialty Meats, you can get different cuts of Pork, Chicken, Beef, and Stuffed and de-boned Chickens and Turkeys, as well as specialty dishes. Prices range from $2.99 for Smothered Corn to $65.00 for Turducken. Frank’s Smokehouse offers Smoked Turkey, Cajun Baked Turkey or Fried Turkey, for $31.95 for 12-14 lbs; Turducken for $61.95 for 15 lbs. Frank’s also has exotic Kangaroo, Ostrich and Buffalo sausage at market price. You can get specialties of The Cake Palace such as Mardi Gras King Cakes and Fruit Cakes. Mimi’s Pralines are handmade in the middle of a sugar cane field. They are said to melt in your mouth and can be yours for $38.00 for a carton of 24. Prices for shipping and packing are extra.

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Mr. Billy’s Cajun Market has been featured on the Food Network and specializes in delicious gourmet Cajun food. Originally known as The Cajun Turkey Company, Mr. Billy’s Cajun Market changed their name to reflect the fact that their menu includes everything from appetizers to dessert. One of the different items from Mr. Billy’s are Boudin Balls. They are made from cooked pork meat, pork liver, onions, special seasonings and rice, rolled in a ball with a cracker meal coating. Then they are deep-fried and can be dipped in special sauces. Boudin Balls are truly delicious. You can get a pack of 8 for $7.50 and see for yourself. Mr. Billy’s takes all of the stress out of the holidays. You can get a complete dinner from appetizer to dessert delivered to your door. Prices start at $79.95. Expedited shipping ensures your choices arrive fresh.

Veron’s Meat Market is run by a displaced Cajun in the Houston, Texas area. Veron’s has exceptional meat and specializes in Cajun specialties such as Deboned Stuffed Chicken, Boneless Stuffed Chicken Breast, and Rolled Stuffed Chicken Filet. Family recipes from the old days include Veron’s Cajun Seasoning, Boudin, Head Cheese, Cajun Dirty Rice Mix, Crawfish Pie, Mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat, Jalapeno stuffed with crabmeat, and Jalapeno stuffed with sausage/cream cheese. One of the best products from Veron’s is their Cajun Crawfish Sausage. It is a hickory smoked combination of pork and fresh crawfish, seasoned with cajun spices and bits of jalapeno. The sausage is made especially for Veron in a factory in New Orleans and is a spicy bit of heaven. Although this website is not set up for online ordering, Veron’s takes orders by phone or fax and will ship to you.

So as you can see, you don’t have to wait for Mardi Gras to get your taste of Cajun food. Let your mouse lead you to these great treats and “laissez le bon temps roulee” or “Let the good times roll.”