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Where to Find Wide Calf Boots

The cooler seasons are upon us, and it’s time to pack away the sandals and open-toed shoes. For autumn and winter, there is perhaps no more versatile footwear than a knee-high boot. A good pair of boots will keep your feet warm and protect you from the elements and go with almost any outfit you own. You can wear boots under a pair of slacks or paired with a skirt. Best of all, ditch your panty-hose; you can wear your boots with socks for complete comfort, and no one will know.

But if you’re a plus size woman, you may be wondering where you can find a boot with a wide enough calf to fit you. Luckily, manufacturers have gotten wise to the need for wide calf boots, and there are a variety to choose from. Here’s where to look:

1. Wide Calf Boots from Silhouettes.
The basic David Tate leather wide calf boot comes in a number of calf sizes, ranging from 17″ to 19″ at your specification. This is a conservative selection, as this wide calf boot has a stacked 1.5 inch heel and a plain design. Selling for $139 this boot is neither the best nor worst deal on a wide calf boot you can find this season. So if you don’t need anything fancy from a wide calf boot, this is a solid option. If you need something a little wider in the calf, consider the David Tate lace up wide calf boot, which can be expanded for a 20″ calf. For something more stylish, Silhouettes offers the Ros Hommerson Scalloped Wide Calf Dress Boot. It has a slender 2 inch heel and adheres to more traditional fashion sensibilities. These are not the only wide calf boots available at Silhouettes by far, so if you need a pair, definitely peruse their online catalog.

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2. Wide Calf Boots from WideWidths.Com. The Ella Sexy Extra Wide Calf Boots come in black and brown with some excellent croc-leather detail. But with a heel height of 2.75 inches, they’re not ideal for snow. A nice compromise between function and fashion might be the Blondo “Moravia Plus” wide calf boots, which can accommodate a calf up to 22″. The detail at the ankle is especially stylish and helps to disguise any bagging that your wide calf boot might show over time. WideWidths.Com has an excellent selection and goes out of their way to commission more fashionable wide width boots for the plus size woman and the prices are typically much better than you will find elsewhere.

3. Wide Calf Boots from Jessica London. Jessica London hasn’t quite caught up to the idea that you have to advertise the shaft measurement on your wide calf boots so that plus size women know what they’re buying, but they are making an attempt. They have a solid if uninspired offering of the Bijou wide calf boot that is available in a lovely camel. And a fantastic Jubilee pair of wide calf boots in microsuede with buckle detail for only $50. And of course a stunning suede and leather riding wide calf boot for $80. Unfortunately, Jessica London’s customer service line could not confirm the measurements of their boots so you may have to try them on and see.

4. Wide Calf Boots from Zappos. Zappos has recently added a wide calf boot section to their offerings, though Fitzwell is currently the only brand making an effort. Screamingly fashion forward, are the Fitzwell Jutta wide calf boots, with a low kitten heel, a pointy toe to elongate the leg, and beautiful detailing at the ankle. These wide calf boots come in mushroom, black and brown. Slightly less expensive are the Fitzwell Judith wide calf boots, which are far sexier on the leg than they look in the picture, square toe-box and all. And if country is your style, the Fitzwell Jennifer wide calf boot may be the answer to your prayers, with lovely western detailing and a comfortable foot bed.

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5. Wide Calf Boots from Avenue. The Mercury Wedge Wide Calf Boot is a little futuristic, and has a lot of potential. Selling in black or brown patchwork leather for about $99, the calf stretches up to 18″, maybe a little more. But the star of the show is Avenue’s Neptune Lace Up wide calf boot, which puts the David Tate version to shame. Lovely detailing, an elegant lines, and an adjustable calf that can fit calves up to 23″, makes it a real winner. Plus, it comes in black or brown.