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Where to Find a Cheap Apartment in Atlanta, GA


Ever since the Olympics were held in Atlanta, the city has risen in prominence on the international scene. This rise also meant an increase in housing prices, especially apartments. Where once housing was very reasonable, now it almost seems as if you have to dig to get a cheap apartment.

With some legwork and patience, though, you can find a cheap apartment in Atlanta. You can make the plan work if you are moving to Atlanta from another city. It is best, however, for people who already live here. Here is a game plan to get your started:

First, live close to where you work. The word “sprawl” was created for metro Atlanta. The mistake of choosing the wrong area to live in could be deadly to your budget. An apartment is not cheap if you are spending $200 a month on gas and two hours each day in traffic. Once you decide specifically where you want to live in Atlanta, things will be much easier to find that cheap apartment.

Knowledge is power. Do some research on the average apartment rents in your target area. For fun, stop in a leasing office of a large apartment complex or go to their web site. Ask for their rates. It will give you an idea of what is acceptable for that area of town. It is a good idea to do this at the beginning of your search so you can recognize what a cheap apartment in Atlanta actually costs.

After you know where you want to live, get the local paper for that area. Of course, your first stop should be the Atlanta Journal and Constitution’s Sunday paper. They have a special homebuyer section that lists available apartments by area of town. You want to get an apartment through the paper.

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The ideal cheap Atlanta apartment is one that is privately- owned. It is located in a nice neighborhood because the owner owned the complex before the Olympics came to town. The owner wants to rent to a person who will pay the rent on time and have respect for their property. In exchange, they will make repairs. They will not, however, offer landscaping, security gates or an on-site gym.

Avoid nice landscaping. You are looking for a cheap apartment in Atlanta. With this, I am assuming that behind safety, price is a major concern. Therefore, there are some apartment complexes you need to avoid. Landscaping is a dead give away. Anything that also calls itself an apartment home is a complex you would like to leave alone. Amenities are also a problem. Costs of amenities are always passed on to you in the form of a higher rent.

If you are moving here from out of town and you want to look at apartments, make all your appointments in one day if possible. Because you are only looking at one area of town, it should not be that hard to get around. Be sure to keep your eyes open for any signs advertising apartments for rent in the neighborhood.

Once you have a place you are interested in, read the lease. Specifically, know what prohibitions your lease may contain. You will also want to know what it will take to break the lease. Never enter a contract without knowing the penalties for breaking it.

Another good question would be about public transportation. Though it is nearly impossible to live in Atlanta without a car, cars do break down. It is always good to have an alternate route to work.

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My suggestions may seem strange, but they do work. In fact, they can work for finding a cheap apartment in any city. Back when I rented, I regularly lived in apartments that rented for twenty-five percent less than the big apartment complexes. It can be done. And you can be totally satisfied with your choice.